Saturday, February 14, 2015

Winding Up the Week

We finally experienced what I considered a nice-weather day Friday.  The high maxxed out in the low 40s, but it was sunny with just a hint of breeze and much lower humidity.  Even though today was one of the colder days according to the thermometer, I enjoyed the abundant sunshine and absence of biting wind.  The lower humidity really made a difference, too.  I have felt subjectively much more chilled here on days when it has not been as cold, but the humidity makes it a “damp cold” which I don’t tolerate very well.  At any rate, it was absolutely lovely out today!  Of course, this evening it is in the mid 20s and we’ll be dropping lower than that in the coming nights this weekend.

The really exciting thing?

One of the forecast models calls for snow next week!  Woot!  Of course, we’re talking South Carolina here, so there won’t be accumulations, but hopefully we’ll get to experience snowfall again.  I think we have both been missing that magic.

I tackled laundry today, getting that out of the way in the unlikely event the pipes freeze during this cold snap.  The added bonus is both weekend days are free of that chore. 

This afternoon I whipped up a chicken noodle casserole and had a bit of that for my dinner, and we’ll have that on hand for tomorrow, too. 

This evening (we’re talking Friday here), saw us engaged in yet another brilliant chess match.  Intriguing game, chess.  Even though our respective opening moves are the same each time, it is fascinating how the game develops into a different scenario each time.  Our games run at least two hours and lately going on three hours. 

Oh wow . . . it’s almost 1 AM on Valentine’s Day. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We don’t have special plans for the day, unless you consider going out for a few groceries special.  You know what, though?   Really every day we’re together is special.  I don’t know how I got so lucky to be spending my life with Dave, but I am.  I remember when I was getting ready to board the plane with Dave to go to Scotland in November 2005.  We had spent about two weeks together here in the States after courting over the Internet.  (There is a longer story to that courtship, but I’ll save that for another time.)  I had said something to my aunt (she and my uncle were at the airport in Minnesota with us) about being so lucky, and she whispered in my ear “God knew what you needed.”  She also said at one point that Dave was my reward after everything I’d been through during the years before (cancer, heartbreaking divorce).  Well, I’m not a big “God” person, my spiritual beliefs being a sort of patchwork quilt of various philosophies, so I’d say that Spirit knew what I needed. Who would have thought that an instant message and a few emails would blossom into the bouquet my life is with this man I call Husband.

We typically don’t go out on weekends, but we’ll be stocking up on a few essentials in light of the wintry precipitation in the forecast next week.  Oh my god!  It’s gonna snow!  Get the bread, milk and eggs! Haha!  We will need to get propane Monday during the day, and that’s the last time we’ll be “oot and aboot” until after whatever falls from the sky is gone.  Folks in The South simply do not know how to drive in snow (even a dusting on the roads) and/or ice.  We may end up not getting anything like that, but we’ll be ready just in case.  We can just hunker down and enjoy it.

There’s still a load to get out of the dryer and fold before I hit the blankies in a while, so I’ll toddle off for now.

“You must stop your ears whenever you are asked to sign a treaty selling your home . . . This country holds your father’s body.  Never sell  the bones of  your father and your mother.”

- Old Chief Joseph (tu-eka-kas), Nez Perce

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  1. Happy Valentines Day to you both. You are indeed lucky to have found the one who is right for you and to continue to be so happy in that love!

  2. Thinking you must be glad not braving those NJ temps this week.


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