Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day - 2015

Aggieland RV Park 12252015

Christmas Full Moon in Bryan, Texas

We have been enjoying a laid-back Christmas Day this year, our first Christmas in Texas since 2009.  When I checked the outside temperature earlier, it was 76F.  Crazy, especially for us being accustomed these past six years to snow or at least temperatures 30-40 degrees colder. 

Christmas decorations 3 12132015

Had to find a new spot for our wee display this year, as we no longer have a dining table.

We have A Christmas Story on DVD; that’s what is on now, having been preceded by It’s A Wonderful Life.  Both films have been televised over the past week, but Dave’s work schedule has prevented him from catching them.  Besides, it’s sort of a tradition of ours to play them Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  We watched White Christmas last week, so I had my “fix” already.

I made sausage balls and olive/cheese puffs on Wednesday – 4 batches of the first and 2 of the latter.  That’s another holiday tradition around here.  Today’s dinner was ham and other dishes.  We exchanged cholocate yummies as part of our gifts this morning and, combined with some other goodies acquired during the week, our fridge is packed.  Needless to say, we won’t be hard put to find something to gnosh on for days.

The park has been pretty darn quiet today.  Just about all the long-term folks are gone, although their rigs are still here.  There is a handful of short-term rigs; two of those look like they’re pulling out tomorrow; they hooked their “toads” to their Class A rigs this afternoon.

Dave got out for a bike ride this morning while I was putzing around in the kitchen.  The weather was oblinging, and he enjoyed his holiday ride. 

Winter will be making a comeback Monday after storms roll through here tomorrow and Sunday. 

Hoping your Christmas Day was a pleasant one! 

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