Friday, January 24, 2014

We are Hardy Souls


Morning after snow 01222014

Wednesday morning.  That’s 9 inches of snow on the ground from the day before.

I’m a bit tired tonight, so here’s the short and sweet of what’s happening.

After all the usual preparations and precautions, we have no water in the rig.  We have water right up to it, but somewhere inside – or perhaps at the initial valve which we’ll check as soon as weather permits – we’re frozen.  No water.

When I check the basement in the mornings, it is around 60F or 55F, certainly not freezing or below.  Weirdest darn thing.

Our fridge froze up yesterday.  The dorm-sized fridge we’d had gave up the ghost a while back and we just didn’t think we needed an extra one any more.  Silly us.  What were we thinking?  Today I went to Wal-Mart and got a replacement.

Borrowed the two crew guys – Mark and Donny – who took me to Lowe’s for more water (we use the water-cooler size) and to Wal-Mart.  Great guys, lifting all this stuff I’d be struggling to do by myself in ice and snow.  I’m grateful to them for their cheerful assistance and thankful that we have support.

With Dave out of commission, the one thing I do not want to do is take a fall of my own.

We did fine with no freeze-ups until we dropped to subzero and low single-digits; however, those for a couple of days just did the trick and did us in. 

Thank goodness the office trailer still has water.  It’s a hassle, but at least we can get cleaned up and refreshed a bit with a sink bath and I can wash the minimal dishes we are currently using.  And I mean minimal

Don’t know if I mentioned it, but Dave took a fall (or two or three) on ice hidden under snow two weeks ago today.  He has been suffering with severe pain in his shoulder, neck and even right arm from what we suspect is a pinched neck nerve.  I finally convinced him to agree to a doctor’s appointment; the earliest I could get him in is next Tuesday.

Stew in the slow cooker takes minimal dishes and utensils (we’re using paper plates/bowls and plastic silverware right now), so at least I was able to get that done today.

It was a very busy day for me and I’m tired.  We’re safe and warm but mightily inconvenienced right now. 

Looks like our first possible chance to thaw out will be the first week of February.

I want one of these buildings here for us.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be a day of rest with both of us in our recliners watching movies and napping.  Well, watching movies and watching it snow.  Again.  Another 2 to 4 inches.  Next week there’s possibly another nasty winter storm heading our way.

C’mon April!

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