Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wearin’ a Skirt


No, not me and not even Dave!  Our fifth wheel is, though.  Dave put the finishing touches on the skirting around our rig Friday.  He had started the project about a week earlier, getting 3.5 sides done in one day.  He ran out of daylight at that point and then it was snowing, raining, sleeting or too extremely cold out until this past Friday. 









We can already tell the difference inside the rig.  The floors are no longer chilly; in fact, the bathroom floor is deliciously warm when stepping out of the shower!  This was the first year he has done this and, while he did a great job, he says there are some things he would do differently.

Tuesday night will be the first time we’ll dip down into single digits overnight since the skirting was put in place, and I’m curious if our pipes will freeze (again).

On to a totally different topic, seems like the past couple of months I’ve noticed that my fingers seem to type a totally different word from the one I’m intending to type.  Like above – I meant to type “overnight,” but when I first typed it, it came out “overhead.”  Sheesh.  That is so not me.  Seriously.  I was a medical transcriptionist for years, and a darn fine one to boot.  Those types of errors just didn’t happen.

Perhaps I’m just thinking too fast for the fingers to catch up.  My keyboard is also kinda slowing down; perhaps it’s time for a new one.  Perhaps I’m just not vested in what I’m typing.  I dunno.

We’ve enjoyed a quiet weekend.  We recently had a two-month stretch of something happening here every single weekend, so quiet is good for a change.  On Saturday after it stopped snowing, I took our truck over to the grocery store in PA I like to visit every few weeks.  They have things I can’t find locally and different items, plus it’s a nice cruise on the highway for the truck . . . and me.  Hmmm . . . guess I didn’t take the truck to the store; it actually took me, and it didn’t go into the store.  <giggle>

Had a deer snort at me one evening last week.  Stepped outside not realizing about four or five of them were fairly close and couldn’t see them clearly in the dark.  “Snort!” and away they sprinted through the shadows.  I think we surprised one another.  Well, that’s another first!

Changed out a light switch for our 12-volt living room lights today.  It didn’t take long, as I had done that a while back in our bathroom.  Waterproofed a pair of boots and then worked my virtual assistant job a while this afternoon.  Made hamburgers and fries for dinner and here I am!  Think I’ll just kick back the rest of the evening.  Monday will be here soon, and I have a feeling it might be one of our busier weeks around here!

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  1. Lots of folks say how the propane furnace is not as efficient as the electric heat pump in my rig, but I sure do like the way the furnace keeps the floors warm. Hope your skirting does the trick.

    My typing fingers/brain play(s) the same tricks on me. :(


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