Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beep, Beep


That’s the sound of snow plow/salt trucks this evening.  It has become a familiar sound.  Yes, it’s snowing again.  This is supposed to be a light event which started at 4 PM and should end by midnight.  We have a chance of “significant” amounts midweek.

We have paths shoveled from our door to the office, to the dumpster and to access points on our rig such as the propane doors and basement doors.  Today I needed to empty the kitchen tank, so I shoveled a path to it.  Well, hacked a path is more like it, with a bit of shoveling.

Hack, you ask?  Well, you see, the snow now has about an inch of ice on top.  Yes, we have concrete snow.  Actually, the snow under the ice is easy to remove – well, to a certain point and then it’s frozen ice on the ground.  Thing is, you have to get to that snow through the ice layer on top.  So it was chop, chop, shovel, shovel.  At least I didn’t  have far to go; this was an offshoot of an existing path just to the tank valve.

Of course, all the paths are now under an inch or two of new snow.  At least I got the tank emptied.

After the midweek event, it looks like our temperatures will rise a bit, perhaps more to the typical level for this time of year.

On more routine notes, after rescheduling my hair appointment twice this past week, I was finally able to make it to the salon.  Yay!  Today I got a call from my stylist; she is leaving that salon for another one about 15 miles from here.  Dang.  She’s been cutting my hair ever since we’ve been here.  She’s a sweetheart; very young but very talented and just a sweet soul.  She even came here to cut my hair between my two surgeries in 2012.  It was a nice day, so we had “salon time” in the parking lot.  How many stylists now days will do that, eh?  So we’ll see.  I’ll take a run up to her new location when the weather improves and see how far it really is, what the drive is like, etc..

I got some cleaning done today and then baked chocolate chip cookies and a quiche. 

We are Downton Abbey fans and watch faithfully.  Our PBS station airs it on Wednesday evenings; however, this past week we could not get reception due to the weather.  Each episode is broadcast again on Sunday afternoons, so we got caught up today. 

I’m still working my part-time virtual assistant job, enjoying it and thankful for the extra money plus something to occupy my time these days.  Obviously, outdoor activities are extremely curtailed and there is nothing happening here at the property.  Having my wee job helps fills the hours and brings in a few extra bucks.

Hope you’ve been having a great weekend!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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