Monday, February 3, 2014

Our Day Today . . .


I apologize for having not much else to talk about other than our weather.  It started snowing sometime in the early morning hours.  When I woke up around 5:30, things were already white(r) outside.

 February 3 2014

Late morning

Today we got 9 inches of heavy, wet snow. Dave at one point got up on the roof of our rig to get some of the snow off the slides.  That turned out to be pretty much a futile endeavor.  He did get some of the top layer off, but there’s a hard-packed layer underneath.  Oh well.  The slide toppers are taking most of the weight on the slides at this point.  There really isn’t anything we can do about this.  With the overnight freeze, it becomes hazardous for him to get up there.


Dave changing propane in the afternoon

By the time of the above photo and the one just below, it had about stopped snowing.  It was coming down heavily most of the day.  Dave measured.  We got 9 inches today and there’s 12-14 inches in our “front yard.”


I got it on with the shovel and cleared a path from our rig to the office


The good news is that the high was around 33F today.  Well, that’s good news in that it’s not painfully cold out, but bad news in that it makes the snow slushy and heavy.  Dave cleared a garden for Maggie again, so she’s good.  She loves the snow and goes bounding out in it.  Back in the office after her potty breaks outside, she does the “crazy dog run back and forth” thing.  It’s great to see her so happy and all that running gets a lot of the snow clumps off her legs.

February 3 Dusk


Sounds like we’re going to get hammered this week.  We’re forecast for another 8 inches tomorrow into Wednesday and then there’s “something” headed towards us for the weekend.  There has been hype on the Internet about a possible 24-36 inches, but it’s too far out to get a solid forecast.  We’re hoping we get a break in weather Thursday or Friday so Dave can go get propane and I can get more provisions.  So far we’re fortunate and grateful we still have power (and water, but it’s not that cold now); there are numerous power outages throughout New Jersey at the current time.

If we do get the 24-36 inches, it’s a whole new ball game, folks.  We’ve already been talking about preparedness – like one or both of us sleeping here in the office just so we can clear a path to the door of the rig and be able to walk Maggie, getting a “go” bag together just in case, etc..  Heck, if we got that much snow, we’d have to dig out the generator!   I need to do laundry Thursday or Friday, too, in case we lose power.

Oh my.  Sure is a freakish Winter, isn’t it?

Our plow guy was scheduled to be here around 4 PM, but seems they are having issues with the plow truck.  About an hour ago, they said they would be here shortly.  I’m sure they’ll be here when they can.

Dave did clear both trucks, we could get out should we need to do so (thank goodness for 4-wheel drive), and the main roads are slushy but passable.

We’re warm and we’re hanging in.  We are also ready for Spring.

February 3 Evening

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  1. This winter has certainly been strange for most of the country this year. I have seen "roof rakes" to get snow off a traditional house, maybe that would help with the slide toppers, it has a long extension pole to use from the ground. Lets hope the predicted snow changes its mind and doesn't come down around you.

    1. Teri, thanks for the thought about the roof rake; however, something like that would have to be curved at the end to actually get to the roof surface since it's an RV with a flat roof. We do have one, actually, that has a handle about the length of a regular leaf rake. This is what Dave uses and it works well . . . except less so when there's so much snow and it's the heavy, wet kind like we have now. The other issue is, of course, that of safety - getting up on the roof when it's icy underneath the snow. He has to be very careful not to slip and slide up there. Thanks again; I appreciate the idea.


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