Sunday, August 24, 2014

Curtain Project - Complete!

Today I finished the curtain project in our RV home.  Yay!  This was the other side of the living area and dining table area.  Here are the results:

Daybed Curtains 08242014

The use of long valances eliminated the need for hemming and allows Maggie to be able to still look out under them when they are closed.  Her fave spot to perch is atop the Mexican blanket on the pile of pillows in the corner.  This pattern has earth tones, including the shade of red burgundy in the other drapes.  The ones over the wide window can be opened.

Dining Curtains 08242014

Solid burgundy panels in the dining area.  I like the way the curtains allow filtered sunlight in when the day/night shades are up.

This project really didn’t take all that long to do, including installing the curtain rods.  I could have completed it yesterday, but decided to knock off around 4:30 or so in the afternoon.  The above took maybe a couple of hours this morning.  I really like the inside of our RV home now.  It is much more cozy, feels and looks more like an an apartment than an RV and the curtains will help with insulation in both Summer and Winter.

I fired up the grill this afternoon and tossed on a couple of steaks.  Oh my goodness!  They sure were good!  We don’t eat steak that often and I had not attempted grilling any before, but the result was total yumminess. 

Dave has a campfire going, and I’ll join him in a bit. 

After the sun goes down.

After the ants have stopped swarming.

Ick.  Yep, we have been experiencing an ant swarm the past couple of hours.  In the time we have been here, we have rarely even seen an ant outdoors and none inside our home, thank goodness.  Apparently conditions are just right this afternoon and w h o o s h Amityville Horror outside.  Looked up this phenomenon online and found that it lasts about 24 hours and, even if they do get indoors, vacuuming up the dead guys is about all that’s necessary.  Experienced this once in one of my homes in Texas years ago.  Came home from work and the critters were everywhere (well, not everywhere, but mainly in the bathrooms and living room near the fireplace; it just felt like everywhere at the time).  My exterminator at the time told me the same thing.  No big deal, just vacuum ‘em up.

Still, it’s icky.

Ah, the joys of New Jersey.

Just wait; it won’t be long and it will be Winter again.  The Farmers Almanac is predicting “cold, wet and white” for us just as they did last year.

Boy, were they right.  As Dave says, at least snow is clean. 

We’ve had a great weekend.  Hope you have, too!

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