Saturday, August 23, 2014

Curtains - Part One

In my last post, I talked about putting up curtains in our home (a 5th wheel RV).  Here is a “before” photo of the slide-out where our recliners sit.


Christmas, 2011

All the side curtain panels in the rig went out the door a few weeks ago, and the valances departed last weekend.  Getting those off really wasn’t all that difficult and the result was a more updated and “cleaner” look without them.  The colors and fabric that came from the factory in the rig were just . . . well, I dunno . . . so old-fashioned, sort of.  Definitely not “me.” 

Today I got the above area done.  Here is the result:

Recliner Slide Curtains 08232014

Day/night shades in the big middle window are up

The curtains are a burgundy red, which is a nice earthy, rich color.  They also pick up the same color that is found in the wallpaper borders; there’s just a bit of that color and now the curtains seem to bring it out.  Nice!  I’m into earth tones, and they have predominated in the d├ęcor of all my homes.  I like the fact that they allow some filtered light in but, when the day/night shades are down, cut down on the sunlight coming through the shades.  The curtains should also keep the interior cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter.  With the curtains closed, I can now keep the day/night shades up without feeling so exposed.  Groovy!

I tell ya what . . . our rig is solid.  Thought I could just use my battery screwdriver to put up the rods.  Heck no.  Those walls are solid!  I even had to drill a starter hole for some of the screws. 

The hallway window is done, too, and I put up new valances in the bedroom.  Luckily, there were rods in place in the bedroom already, so it was just a matter of finding valances and hanging them.

End result is that it is much more cozy and looks and feels more like an apartment than an RV.  Dave commented that it is much less sterile-looking than before. 

Gee, only took me a little over four years to do this.  Ha!

We have an opposing slide on the other side with the daybed and our dining table.  I’ll tackle that tomorrow or next weekend.  First priority tomorrow is laundry!

Dave had a treat a bit ago.  Two vintage aircraft flew over, virtually wingtip-to-wingtip.  I heard them, but couldn’t get my shoes on and out of the rig fast enough to see them.  Drat!  The Leigh Valley Air Show is this weekend and is not all that far away from us, so I’m sure those planes were part of the event.  A couple of years ago, we experienced a totally awesome low flyover by a larger group of vintage planes.   So glad Dave witnessed this one!

Hope you’re having a high-flying weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!

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