Monday, August 3, 2015

Another Week Gone

We have had some hot days this week, but have stayed comfortable in our RV with two A/C units cycling on and off and the living room ceiling fan circulating the air.  We accomplished a couple of minor maintenance chores this week.  I cleaned our A/C filters and Dave flushed our hot water heater and changed out the anode rod.

HWH maintenance

The anode wasn’t in really terrible shape, but it was time for a new one.  I ordered two a couple of weeks ago, one to use now and one as a spare.  We’ll be good for a while now.

I’ve been taking Sunday nights off from my virtual assistant job, giving myself one night to blog, chill out while on duty or whatever.  Gives my brain a rest. Tonight it was time to clip Maggie.  She starts off standing up, then sits down and shortly thereafter . . .

Maggie Clip 08022015

She just sort of sinks to the floor in complete relaxation.  This makes it actually easier for me to get at some spots for clipping, especially her front legs.  She does not seem to mind my trimming her front legs when she’s like this; otherwise, she really does not want her front legs and paws to be clipped, inspected or messed with in any shape or form.  She’s easy to slide around so I can get to her from different angles.  Ha!  So we spent about 1.5 hours together getting her trimmed up.  Now she’s passed out on her bed next to my desk here in the office.  She’s cute all the time, but especially so when freshly clipped.  She is such a good-natured pup.  She is also pretty darn silly.

Well, there really is not any earth-shattering news from our wee corner of South Carolina this week.  Dave did encounter a large, majestic owl perched on a fence one night on patrol.  Lucky him!

I had envisioned putting our grill/smoker together and doing some grilling while we are here.  We were also looking forward to and planning to resume our epic chess matches during our time back here.  Ya know what?  It’s too freakin’ hot to be cooking outdoors.  We can’t seem to muster the enthusiasm or mental energy to place chess.  I really think it’s the hot weather; we mentioned earlier this evening that perhaps chess is a cool-weather pastime.

We have just under two months left here and are just enjoying our time here.  Dave is getting in some good runs on the bike and is not being assailed by dogs as he was previously.  Me?  I’m content to be in one spot for a while.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend!

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