Sunday, July 26, 2015


I have been attempting this blog post for almost a week.  Seems like the days and nights just fly by here.

Last Tuesday night a storm came on quite abruptly with what may have been straight line wind.  We were watching TV about 9 PM when suddenly it started.  We heard what we thought was hail on the roof of our rig and Dave said he saw the living room super slide move.  During that conversation, we were putting on shoes and jackets and leash on Maggie to abandon ship.  Yes, it was that violent.

Storm 07212015 1

This is what we saw when we opened the door, except it was dark and lashing down rain

The next morning, I was able to get some better photos.  We were very lucky that we found no obvious damage.  Dave checked the roof, we checked the awning for rips and worked the slides in and out a couple of times.

Storm 07212015 2

Storm 07212015 3

Tree 07212015

This is the tree. There are still about three big limbs that are detached and just caught in the tree, waiting to fall.  Hoping they will be taken out this week.  Fortunately, they are on the side away from our rig.  Trees provide shade, but we are not fans of parking underneath them.

Did a bit of “shopping” in the office building behind our rig (with permission, of course) and came up with a couple of delightful pieces of furniture to create a cozy workstation for myself.  It’s in the office we’re using in the guard building, where I am testing its functionality.

Workstation for rig

Dave and I have been talking for some time about taking out our dining table and chairs and replacing it with a work area for me. This setup will fit nicely in that space and, once I make sure this configuration will be practical and comfortable, we’ll make the transition.

The big white keyboard is a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard.  That particular one is at least eight years old.  So outdated that it had a serial connection; I had a serial-to-USB adapter for it.  I used this particular type of keyboard when I was working as a medical transcriptionist.  Well, after really typing on it for the first time last night, I realized it was done.  They have a certain feel to them and one can tell when the keys become clunky and hard to depress, well, it’s done.  In my days as an MT, I would go through one every few months and always kept a new replacement one stashed away as a spare. 

I was pleased when I found one in stock locally at Office Depot, so I boogied over there this afternoon.  Man!  Sweet deal. The keyboard has come down in price over the years and was about $20 less at the store than on their website, certainly less expensive than on the link above.  Nice. 

New ergo keyboard 07272015

Another reason for doing this blog post tonight is for practice on the keyboard.  It does take a bit of training one’s fingers and hands; however, once you get the hang of it, it increases speed and is so comfy.  In all my years of working as an MT, I never had bother with carpal tunnel.  I used a good chair, the keyboard and typing gloves. 

Okay, what else?  We are just in our routine of working and living.  Again, time passes very quickly here.  We’ll soon be coming up on our first month here.  Wow!

It’s almost time for my midnight-ish patrol, so I’ll say cheerio for now!

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  1. A month already? Wow, I'd say that time went fast.

  2. I used to have one of those key boards! It was very comfortable once you got used to it. Wind like that is terrifying - especially when you're parked under a tree.


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