Saturday, July 4, 2015

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday (Friday) was pretty much spent settling in. 

There was a power hiccup yesterday morning while I was still asleep, and Dave had to call one of the facility guys in to reset and start up some of the pumps, etc. that need to run 24/7.  I was up and stirring about just as that wee bit of excitement was winding down.

We go up front and just check the parking lot occasionally while on duty, looking out the windows in the front of the building.  Dave noticed a large yellow dog curled up by the front office door during one of these checks.  As soon as it saw him, the dog bolted and hightailed it away.  We’ve joked about how the dogs are coming to Dave now, just waiting for him to get on the bike.  Hahaha!  Actually, Dave’s two bike runs so far have been dog-free.  That’s a good thing.

Dave was getting some things out of the basement yesterday and noticed the floor of the basement was slightly wet on the driver side.  Turns out we had left those doors closed but not locked, therefore not getting a tight seal on the basement.  There was no evidence of anything leaking and the dampness was on the one side, so we figured it must have been the fact that the door was unlocked during that nasty storm we had the evening before.

So!  Everything came out of the basement!  This was a prime opportunity to do that review of what’s in our storage boxes, to vacuum the basement and rearrange everything nicely again.  Things got a bit haphazard during the three months we had been pretty much mobile. 

I did manage to get the living room vacuumed, which was the one thing I really wanted to accomplish yesterday.  I spent my night shift working my virtual assistant job in between keeping an eye on things and doing my patrol drive.  I’m  still adjusting to the night shift cycle and was fairly zombie-like when I snuggled under the blankies this morning around 3 AM.  I turned the light out and my lights went out. 

Keeping that in mind, along with the fact that we’re settled now for a few months and not having to hit the road anytime soon,  today (Saturday) was a day of rest for yours truly.  Dave got out on the bike this afternoon and I settled down with Maggie to watch The High and The Mighty, a John Wayne film I had not seen.  Imagine that!  There’s a film with The Duke in it that I hadn’t watched!  WiFi is provided here, so we’re able to access our Netflix streaming feature again.  Woot!

After the film and Dave’s return, I whipped up some dinner.  Leftovers tomorrow!  Yay!  The rest of the evening has whizzed by, Dave has gone to bed for his first sleep shift, and Maggie and I are on duty here in the office.  I’ll be heading out for the midnight-ish patrol drive in a bit.  I’m thinking Maggie may get a much-needed clip here in a bit after I return from patrol.

The weather here has been in the upper 80s to low 90s so far, with a nice breeze.  No complaints about that, not even with the storms we have had.  They were suffering under about two weeks of triple-digit temps right before our return.   The humidity has been surprisingly low, too.  Not bad at all for early July; however, I am expecting all that to change as Summer progresses.

I’m thinking I’ll take advantage of our time here to get the truck’s oil changed, see if Maggie needs any vaccinations since there’s a good vet not far away and take care of a couple of other things.  Might as well since we’re stationary for a bit, eh?

Well, my one cup of coffee is finished and it’s almost time to venture forth and drive the property.

Hope you’ve  had a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July!

Thanks for stopping by!

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