Saturday, September 26, 2015

Getting Shorter

This time next week we will be at Barnyard RV Park in Lexington, SC. Whoohoo! It’s countdown time, folks.

This past week I went for a final appointment with a dynamite stylist I found when we were here last year. I will say that is one good thing about this location. Channon gives me a cut just like I want at a very reasonable price, and she is a great gal to boot. If you’re ever in the Florence/Darlington, SC area, go see her at Studio 36 on the square in Darlington. Not only did I get another terrific styling on this final visit, but a warm sisterly hug when leaving.

Dave had spotted Palmetto Grocery & Grill a while back on one of his bike rides. It’s less 10 minutes from here in the truck out in the countryside, quite doable. They have weekday lunch specials and then a Saturday dinner special, typically steak of some sort. Their regular menu also has breakfast, burgers, sandwiches and some dinner plates. Last Saturday we decided to try it out, so went over for take-out. Rib-eye steak, potato casserole, string beans, roll and slice of chocolate cake for just under $9.00. You know what? It was pretty good and we each had half our order for dinner the next day. Not a bad deal.

It has been raining off and on (mostly on) since Thursday. We’re getting some of that disturbance in the Atlantic that is hitting the East Coast. I am also keeping an eye on the system approaching the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. I am already glad I opted for a more northern route towards Texas versus dropping down to Florida and hugging the coast westward.

We’ll be on no strict timetable this trip, so we can lay over a few extra days here and there if need be.

The virtual assistant interview earlier this week went well, and I’m in the initial stages of becoming familiar with the platforms to be used, procedures, etc. It’s early days and time will tell if it’s a good fit for all concerned, but I do have a positive feeling about it so far. Sweet.

This weekend we’re essentially just hanging out and resting; Maggie will probably get a clip at some point.  We did get in a chess match this evening, another battle of the wits down to the wire. Looks like Monday will be laundry day with a stop afterwards at the upscale market near there to stock up on yummy groceries (fresh pasta, etc.) for the trip. Tuesday I’ll fuel up the truck and pick up any last minute items we might decide we want/need. Wednesday we’ll load the truck and hitch up, and Thursday we’ll roll through the gate. You realize, of course, there are many things to be done . . . checking tire pressures, stowing things for travel and so forth . . . I’m just not listing them all here. We’ll be busy starting Monday up until the time we roll, doing a few things every day.

Dave will be getting up before long and it will be my turn to hit the hay, so I’ll say good night or good morning for now. Hope you’re having a groovy weekend!

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  1. Time getting short and you getting excited.


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