Monday, September 28, 2015

Three More Days

Not that I’m counting.  You know how it is, though, when you have been in one location for a while. There are things that need doing and errands that need to be run.

Today ended up being laundry day, instead of Monday.  I swung by Harris Teeter (upscale grocery near the laundromat), where I scored yummy items for our trip such as fresh pasta, etc. We’ll make another run to the closer store before leaving for basics.

Dave has had his cell phone (Samsung Rugby) for literally years and he has been eligible for an upgrade for quite some time. The Rugby has been a good phone but has been acting up lately to the point of not being reliable, so it’s a trip to the AT&T store tomorrow for yours truly. Only “company” AT&T locations can service our Texas-based account. This really is absurd to me but has not been an inconvenience so far, as Radio Shack locations have been able to take care of us. Unfortunately, RS no longer services AT&T and has really cut back on their phone/phone plans sales and service. This leaves us no option but to find a company AT&T store. Fortunately, there is one here; often there are no company stores within a reasonable distance.

Long story short (sort of), laundry was today and AT&T will be tomorrow, with a wee trip to Walmart since it is near the AT&T place.


We have had no rain for weeks and, of course, it started raining Thursday . . . and is forecast to do so through Thursday (departure day) at this point. It has not been torrential and there are periods when it stops briefly, but it has been raining every day most of the day and night.

We are also keeping an eye on the system out in the Gulf of Mexico and how it will impact the areas we will going. I’m hoping this will have passed on through by the time we head west. At least we are not on a strict timeline and can lay over here and there as needed if the weather is lousy.


We have been enjoying a chess weekend, with matches Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. I whipped up a couple of nice dinners, too. The lunar eclipse was a nonevent here due to weather and extensive cloud cover. Oh well. We’ll just have to wait another 18 or so years, eh?

I think I’ll wrap this up for now. Won’t be long before Dave takes over the watch. Bless his heart; he just won’t go to bed Thursday morning after being on duty from about 2 or 3 AM. At least we’re not going far that first day, and we’ll be able to chill out for 2 nights there. I am really looking forward to being out from under a tree and away from vegetation surrounding our rig!

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  1. Trusting the weather will not adversely affect your plans.


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