Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pleasant Weekend

Dave took a pass on the bike yesterday, with the winds being a bit of an issue and just, well, not feeling like cycling.  That meant we had plenty of time for a Walmart run and then groceries afterwards.

Both Walmarts here are a bit more of a drive than they were in New Jersey, so I only go once every couple of months.  It’s not so much the drive, but the traffic, etc.  We went to Dave’s store, which is a few miles more down the road than the closest one.  Needed printer cartridges and a few more items that I can’t get locally.  We also got a few paver stones for the spot where we stand to access the basement on the driver’s side and for the front corner of the patio, so we don’t have to duck under the rig to stay on concrete.  I think we’ll add a couple more there.   Dave got a new pair of shorts that won’t fall off him (we’ve both lost weight since last year) and I got a pair of Earth Spirit sandals to replace my current ones when they wear out.  One used to be able to purchase Earth Spirit shoes at places other than Walmart and online, but Walmart seems to be the only vendor for them now.  They are the most comfortable footwear and essentially the only brand I have worn for years.  Whenever I manage to spot a pair in my size (5 or 6) in a style I know works for me, I get them and stow them away for when current shoes are retired.  Yes, we took advantage of the associate discount.  Woot!

Next it was on to Kroger’s.  We have not been impressed with the H.E.B. that is quite close, and agreed last week that we will shop at Kroger’s in the future.  It’s a bit more expensive on some items but about the same on others, and they do have decent specials.  This is the first H.E.B. I’ve been in that is . . . well . . . not exactly scuzzy, but just not on par with my past experience.  Kroger’s is a much more pleasant and relaxing shopping experience.

The storm now in the East passed through here around 3 AM this morning as predicted, rocking and shaking our rig like crazy.  We had rain and a bit of lightning, but neither were severe; it was the wind that was the violent part.  There were a couple of big limbs off trees in the park.  We are fortunate to be in the open with no trees nearby.  We checked at daylight and found no leaks and no damage to our home on wheels.

Dear friends Sue and Billie were in town today and stopped by for a visit.  Yay!  Absolutely dear friends and so fun and relaxing to hang out with as usual. 

Billie and Sue 04272016

Aren’t they just cute?  They were exercising their rig.

Sue and I met about . . . I guess it’s been 13 years (?) ago at a volunteer function related to the Brenham Relay for Life.  I met Billie at the event a short while later.  I dunno, we just kinda fell in together.  You know that little saying on the Internet, something like how you meet someone and think, “Gee, I really like this person.  I think we’re gonna be friends.”  We used to hang out more when I lived in Brenham and I’ve missed their company.  We kept in touch by phone and email while Dave and I were out of Texas, but nothing beats spending time in person.  I love them both very much and am so fortunate to have them in my life. 

I’m tickled I actually remembered to take photos!

Not much else is happening in the Barnes home this evening and I’m actually okay with that.  We’ll probably wrap up our marathon of Hinterland on Netflix and then search for another series. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I can relate to having favorite shoes. In my case, it's boots. Years ago I had these black weatherproof work boots with fuzzy innards! Loved them. They wore out. All I could remember is they had a blue rubber label on the bottom. WOW! I found a pair at Sears a few years later. Well, after the rains, etc up in Dubach, LA and working in it, along with it being clay and leaving the boots outside in the rain, I looked at them two days ago......they are shot. Sole coming off, etc. The blue label says Weathermates. I've searched in Internet. Can't find them. SHUCKS! So, smart girl you are...buying them when you see them just in case.


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