Friday, November 29, 2013

Every Thanksgiving Is Different . . .


. . . yet still the same.  Yesterday differed from last year but was much the same.  It was quiet here and I fixed a traditional holiday dinner.  Dave went for a bike ride.  We enjoyed an evening of chess.  Last year, we were just recovering from Hurricane Sandy, but it was a quiet day and Dave managed a bike ride while I gleefully prepared our dinner.

I enjoy looking at the photos of others showing gatherings of family and friends, and at times miss that fellowship.  On the other hand, we make our holidays special, just Dave, me and Maggie.  I appreciate and take joy in phone calls, text message and emails exchanged with special people in my life on holidays.

Giving thanks on Thanksgiving.  Well, it is a day of reflection, but most days I consciously am thankful for many things.  Here’s a few things on my perhaps quirky list . . .

  • The water heater in our RV which allows me to take a warm/hot shower of ample length to heat up my body during Winter and relax me for bedtime.  No need for “navy showers” in our rig.
  • Being able to bend over without discomfort to do laundry or other tasks.  I still distinctly remember having surgical staples last year and am grateful to be able to move without pain.
  • My overall good health.  Life following last year’s surgery is a “new normal,” but it is definitely do-able. 
  • My husband Dave, with whom I fall in love all over again on a routine basis.
  • Our wee Maggie, who is such a delight.
  • Our home, which is sturdy, cozy, paid for and has wheels!
  • A work situation which is steady, interesting, fun, virtually stress-free and allows us a certain amount of freedom versus a “nine-to-five” job.  This also includes our environment and the people we work with.
  • The big generator sitting outside which provides us with electrical power when the grid is down.
  • Our beautiful, big, black truck that I delight in driving and which tows our home on wheels like a work horse.
  • Having the time and gas money to get in that big truck and just go for a drive to get some windshield time.  Keeps me sane, or some reasonable facsimile of sanity.
  • My “old” friends who still keep in touch even though we are miles away.
  • The “new” friends I have made since we started this adventure.
  • Our washer/dryer set here in the office.  This has made life so much easier.  It’s also nice to know what’s been in them, as opposed to going to a public laundromat.  I can’t imagine not having them last year.
  • My spirituality.
  • The health resources here – everything from the EMS squad to doctors to hospital staff – which are excellent.  These folks saved life twice last year. 
  • Being part of the local CERT group, even though I’m not a permanent resident of the area. 
  • Holland Police Department – we interact with the officers as part of our job and the CERT group falls under their organizational umbrella.  The officers are a great group of guys and we are grateful for our relationship with the HPD.
  • Sleeping well.  We have peace and quiet with no noisy neighbors parked right next to us.  It.  Is.  Quiet.  Here.  At.  Night.  We sleep well. 
  • My Dad, who taught me to be self-sufficient and to be aware . . . not just for safety but in Nature and in Life.
  • My Mom, who instilled in me her sense of patriotism and duty.  I’m grateful to her for reminding at difficult points in my life that I come from a long line of strong women.

These – and many other – things cross my mind not only today but routinely as being aspects of my life for which I am grateful.  Hope you are having a safe, cozy and fun holiday weekend!

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