Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It’s a Chilly Evening


Right now  at about 8:30 PM, it’s raining out and chilly at 34F.  We are in the midst of a Nor’easter here in New Jersey.  So far we’ve been fortunate and the winds have not picked up.  I think that’s yet to come overnight and tomorrow with even more rain.  We did have a bit of a snow shower this morning, but there’s nothing on the ground, and it turned to rain as the day went on.  The rain is supposed to turn back to snow tomorrow evening.

Friday evening’s shelter training session was informative.  They even had the parking lot set up as it would be in a “real” event, with Holland PD officers stopping each vehicle to ask our purpose in being there and to direct us to appropriate parking.  Upon entering the building, we were given a packet and an intake form to fill out and essentially “processed” through the shelter experience.  We had sessions at each area – kitchen/dining, dormitory, restrooms/showers, etc. in which were given an overview of what took place in each area and what our responsibilities would be in the event that the shelter is ever put into action.  Silly me . . . I kinda like the thought of directing traffic . . . It was interesting and good to reconnect with fellow team members.

Saturday morning we ventured out to the book sale at the Riegelsville Library over in Riegelsville, PA.  That’s just down the road a bit and across the Delaware River.  I have books on my iPhone but Dave prefers to hold a real “live” book while reading, so we went mainly for him to stock up.  While he was browsing, I went to the church next door, where they were having a bazaar and craft sale.  I scored a couple of things . . .

Cow towel

A cute, sweet silver-haired lady makes and sells these kitchen towels and this Cow spoke to me, especially for $3.50.  Back in my Brenham home, I had Cow items (black-and-white bovine) here and there.  I also used to talk to them (and wave at ‘em – they would look up and sometimes follow along the fence line) while out cycling in the Brenham area;  in fact, my cycling buddies gave me the Cow Name of “She Who Rolls and Waves.”  Cows have such groovy energy, and I even spent a morning with a cow whisperer and his lovely Brahmans.  Anyway, I digress . . .  We could use a new kitchen towel, so here’s Cow.

I also picked up a neck “cozy” made by a young lady.

Neck warmer


It really is warm and soft!  If my neck is cold, so is the rest of me.  Keep my neck warm and I’m pretty much happy.

Other than that, it was a fairly quiet weekend.  We played chess again; our games last about 1.5 to 2 hours.  I even won a game again!  The first few moves always feel awkward to me, so I looked up some opening moves on the Internet and found the Sicilian Defense, which seems to work for me and I can actually remember it!  Ha!

The really good news is that our new convection microwave was installed yesterday!  Yay!  I found a different mobile tech, Regins RV Service, and Steve came out to take care of us.  Dave assisted him – it really was a two-person (man) job.  Steve also took care of another minor item for us and diagnosed why one of our electrical outlets is not working.  He will order that part and a new porch light fixture and, next time he is in the area, will come back to take care of those two items.  Gosh, it’s so nice to have a usable microwave again, not to mention the exhaust fan and the light over the stovetop.  I’m good to fix Thanksgiving dinner!  Whoohoo!

With a view to the approaching storm, this morning I did what laundry was in the hamper (and Maggie’s sweaters and blankets) just in case things get rough and we lose power at some point.  All the groceries are in that I need to make our Thanksgiving meal, laundry is done and Dave went to have our propane bottles filled today.  We’re good.

Other than that, it was pretty darn quiet around here today.  We don’t anticipate much activity tomorrow due to the weather and then it’s the holiday weekend. 

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  1. That CERT training is a good thing, I have thought about getting registered with the Red Cross. It's cold and rainy in San Antonio, not the warm weather I was hoping for this fall and winter. Hoping you don't get a bad storm your way.

  2. Since I don't sew, knit, or crochet, I'm always happy to find a church bazaar where I can stock up on those towels. :)


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