Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fairly Quiet Weekend So Far . . .


. . . but the overnight tonight may prove to be different.  That frontal system which has wreaked havoc throughout the Midwest is heading towards us, slated to arrive between 3 and 6 AM tomorrow morning.  In the dark, of course.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this nasty frontal system.

Just a wee post before I continue on with getting the “go” bags ready in case we have to make a dash for the mill (sturdy shelter) in the wee hours.  The bags consist of my CERT bag, which is packed and ready 24/7, and then my backpack for a few essentials.  I’ve talked before about what goes in there, so won’t again at this time.

Last night’s dinner (and then leftovers today) was homemade beef enchiladas and (non-homemade only because the avocados were not very good) guacamole.

Enchiladas 11162013

I had already taken a bite out of mine before snapping the photo.

Have to get a Tex-Mex fix now and then and, being up here in NJ, I just make it myself.  I have two recipes for tamales, but making tamales is a project and I haven’t gotten up the courage or energy to tackle that in our RV.  Besides, making tamales is more fun with friends!

Back to the approaching storm, the bad news is that there have been multiple tornadoes associated with this system and we are to expect 40-60 MPH gusts and the possibility of tornadoes.  The good news is we are in a valley of sorts (hence the name Warren Glen – glen as in valley) and many times are somewhat sheltered.  Good and bad news is our rig is in the open with nothing to fall on it; however, there is no structure to shelter it.

We do have the mill in which we can shelter; thank goodness for that!  Other than making kolaches earlier today, I’ve been really lazing around.  Turns out that was a good idea, as it sounds like I may not be getting much sleep tonight, or at least not in the early morning hours.

Okay, better gather together more stuff and finish getting my backpack ready.

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