Friday, March 28, 2014

Freshening Up Our Home


Lots of full-timers share how they have personalized their RVs, to all different degrees from painting walls and cabinets, changing light fixtures to what I consider minor changes as we have done.  Even before we hit the road, we hung paintings and photos. 


My aunt painted this for me years ago.  It has hung in every bedroom of mine since then and hangs in our bedroom now.  I find it a source of peace.

The wood-carved Panther head (given to me by my Reiki mentor back in 2002 and which has hung over the interior entry door of each of my homes) resides in its proper place protecting our rolling abode.  


Photo taken in previous environment, not in our rig.

A couple of years ago we replaced the sleeper sofa with a twin bed set, which serves as a second bed and comfy daybed perfect for snuggling up and reading. 


Cozy snuggle nook.  Maggie likes it, too.  She has a perfect vantage point for watching deer out the window from the Mexican blanket on the pillow pile in the corner. 

We’ve put area rugs in the living room which not only add color but protect the carpet and provide a bit more insulation.  In fact, we just changed those out this year, going from maroon to a nice dark blue.  We typically take off our shoes but, due to the nature of our work, taking off work boots during the day is not always practical.  Added floor insulation is a plus during the cold winters we have here, trust me on that.

When we swapped rigs at the Keystone factory back in 2010, they put the recliners from our old rig into this one.  The newer ones just weren’t comfy and, after I mentioned that, the guys moved these over from our previous rig.  We’re still grateful for all the assistance we received from everyone at the factory during that time.

Just these minor changes have helped make our rig “our own,” although it felt like home from the get.  Guess I was just ready for this lifestyle, never feeling my surroundings were alien, cold or impersonal.  “Home” is not a structure, it’s a feeling or state of mind.  Our rig has been our home from the moment we began full-timing.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a gal (you know how we like to rearrange furniture, teehee!), perhaps it’s emerging from a long Winter or perhaps it is just time . . . I’ve been thinking, planning and making a few more changes.  Minor ones, but they do change the “look” and “feel” and give us a fresher look.

A couple of weeks ago I took down the silly curtain panels that framed the windows on the sides.  The top valance panels (boards) are still in place and that’s okay for right now.  I’ve read where some folks have painted them with fabric paint, and that may be in their future.  We’ll see.  If I can figure out how to get them off and then back back in place, I bet I’ll be painting this summer.  In the meantime, it’s given a “cleaner” and more updated look, and eliminates things that collect dust.

Removal of side curtains

I’m considering painting those valances a solid color.

We seriously considered swapping out our king mattress for a smaller Sleep Number Bed, even going to a Sleep Number store and checking them out. (Aaahhhh, that was nice!)   We don’t need a king, really, and downsizing would give more room in the bedroom.  Sure would make it easier to change linens on the bed, too.  A Sleep Number Bed is in our future, but we’re holding off for a bit in view of upcoming medical expenses. 

Having decided to keep our bed for a while, I got a new comforter for it.  Can you believe we were still using the bedspread that came with the rig?  I’m almost embarrassed to admit that!  I never have liked it; that paisley pattern was so dang dark and I didn’t care for the material.  Now we have a comforter which is as close to a duvet (what Dave was used to in Scotland) as we’ll get.  It sure brightens up the bedroom.





Okay, I’m not totally enamored with the pattern, but it came the closest in feel to what I was wanting.  Well, without spending hundreds of dollars, that is.  See the headboard?  That puppy’s going out hopefully this weekend.  I’m thinking those lamp shades will be changed out soon, too.  I’m still mulling over short valance curtains of some type; hence, curtain rods still in place.  The comforter really is comfy, lightweight but providing warmth and being good for summer, too.  It’s also reversible.  Again, closest match to what Dave had in weight and purpose in Scotland.  He’s a happy camper.

The next wee project is removing the headboard.  It, too, has that same paisley pattern and some puffy blue fabric . . . just one big dust collector, in my opinion.  Shouldn’t be hard to take off and it will give a more simplified look.  I bet that change will make the bedroom look a bit more spacious, too.

It’s our home and we have no plans in sight for trading in/up/down.  Sure, newer models have cool floorplans, larger showers/tubs (I’d really like that), and updated d├ęcor features.  Thing is, I like our rig.  I like the open floorplan that we have. 


I love my rear kitchen and all the space in it.  Our rig was straight from the factory and is solid, dependable and well-insulated.  The folks at the factory went over this rig with attention to every single detail; we had virtually no “new rig bugs” and no major issues in the 3+ years we’ve had it.  Sure, there’s a couple of minor exterior things that need attention and we’ll take care of those once the weather cooperates.  All in all, the lure of a new rig sounds tempting, but I’d rather maintain and hang on to one that is solid and one whose history we know.

So!  In light of that, I’m making a few wee changes here and there.  It’s fun and gives a renewed look and feel.

Do you have any redecorating projects coming up this year?

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  1. When we had the Montana we told them to keep the King Mattress and we went to a Queen. What a difference it made with the space. We, too, want a sleep number but the mattress in our Cedar Creek as a really good one. Almost wish it wasn't then we would get a Queen sleep number and gain that extra space. Also, we replaced the recliners in the Montana with wall huggers. When we got the CC we kept them and the new recliners went with the Montana.

    I remember you had rugs in your unit. I've thought about getting some too. I have a small one in the bedroom at the foot of the bed but a large one in the living area would be nice.

    I sure hope you are done with the snow up there.

    1. Phyllis, we had divine wall hugger recliners in our home before the Montana. Kinda wish we had kept them, but they did not swivel and probably would have been impractical with our floorplan. I do miss them at times. I think/hope we're done with snow for this winter!

  2. I love your new comforter and I can't wait to see what you do with the headboard space!


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