Monday, March 10, 2014

Tackled a Wee Project This Morning


For a while I’ve been wanting to do something with our window dressings.  We have the fabric hard valances and side panel curtains that attach at the top to the valances with Velcro and then are on a bracket at the bottom.  See before photo:


With side curtains up


The shot above was taken at Christmas, hence the stockings hanging and the garland.  See those side panel curtains on the windows?  Now look . . .


Removal of side curtains


I like this much better.  It gives a “cleaner” look, eliminates all that dust-catching fabric and looks a bit less factory-issue, perhaps even a bit more updated.  I think it makes the inside look more spacious and even lighter.  Just got a wild hare and took ‘em out this morning.  Took the bottom brackets off the walls, too.  I also chucked out that stand-up torch lamp in the first photo.

Heck, it only took me a bit over 3.5 years to do that wee mod.  Wonder what’s next?

I think I have a touch of Spring cleaning fever or chucking-things-out-fever.  Whatever.

We’re talking about getting a Sleep Number Bed, thinking this might help with Dave’s recurrent back issues.  Our mattress is the king that came with the rig; we’re looking at downsizing to a queen.  That is big enough, and will give us more walk-around space in the bedroom.  I tell ya, changing linens on a king bed is a challenge and adventure in an RV.  We might have to cut down to size the platform under the king, but that should not be a big deal.

The snow is steadily melting.  I see more patches of ground.  Yay!  We have another storm and colder weather midweek, but we’re hopeful it won’t be much and that this will be the last of the really nasty weather.

Once we are truly done with Winter, I can tackle more wee projects like today’s.  I’m looking forward to giving our home a good wash!

Thank you all for following along in this new space; I really do appreciate your presence!

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  1. Only weeks before buying the Montana we had bought a good mattress. The Montana came with a King, our new mattress was a Queen. We told the dealer, keep your King we are keeping the Queen. Len cut off 4 1/2 inches of platform on each side. What a difference it made in space! Our Cedar Creek came with a King but it is a very good Trump mattress. Almost wish it would fall apart. When we replace it, it will be with a Queen and the platform narrowed too.

    Some of screws holding those stupid curtain panels at the bottom have pulled out. Therefore, the panels just hang loose. We've thought about taking them down too. What did you use to fill in the screw holes?

    1. Phyllis, I just put the screws back in after removing the brackets. The screws are either hidden by the day/night shades or furniture, so no big deal. I want to take out the headboard of the bed, too. It's screwed in place and I'm not sure what to do about the screw holes. Perhaps some caulk that matches the paint/wallpaper as close as I can get it?

  2. Oooh, that looks so much better!

    It's time for us to get a new bed too. We're thinking about a memory foam bed but heard you have to get some kind of mesh base to put between the mattress and the wood base so it can breathe. Otherwise it grows mold. Right now Camping World has memory foam mattresses on sale for $599. Pretty good deal. I don't know if we can buy it at the store or if it has to be ordered online.

    1. Thanks, Susan. We really haven't done a lot to "personalize" our home like others do and I'm not about to start painting walls, etc.; however, a few minor changes here and there give it a fresh look and make things easier to maintain. I don't see us buying a new(er) rig as ours is a good one and we like it, so I'll be doing some things now and then to it. Good luck with the mattress!


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