Sunday, March 9, 2014

Nice Weekend and We’re Going to be Invaded!


I took Truck out for a nice spin yesterday up, my destination being the Weis market down Highway 22 near Bethlehem, PA.  Yep, I traveled to another state!  It’s the market I like going to now and then to see different items and get things we can’t find locally.  It’s about 20 miles from here and makes for a nice run for Truck and me, too.  Since Truck doesn’t get highway miles often, it gives it a bit of a workout.  Finished at Weis, I stopped in at a Wegman’s market which I pass on the way to Weis.  Wow, Wegman’s is huge and includes a catering service, gargantuan deli, place where you can get hot sandwiches, etc., lots of natural foods and what seemed like a really large selection of Kosher items.  I just wandered around, wide-eyed.  On the return route home, I also popped into another market in Easton, PA, another one I pass on the way to Weis.  Just wanted to check it out.  The smallest of the three, it had an old-fashioned flavor to it but was still clean and the employees friendly.  Had a nice outing and we are stocked up on provisions again.  I’ll be cooking this week, starting today.

During the extreme cold temperatures (single digits and subzero), our fridge went haywire and stopped working, so I had turned it off for a few days while we were in deep-freeze.  It did this for about 24 hours last year and when we encountered really cold weather in Missouri back in 2010.  About a month ago, I purchased a dorm-sized fridge just for such occasions (and overflow) and put it in my office in the office trailer.  It being small, we weren’t able stock up as usual; the freezer section is really just a “token” freezer and not meant for long-term storage. 

Combine that with running off our fresh tank and therefore keeping water usage to an absolute minimum, I have not been cooking as usual.  I’m ready to get back to some “real” meals.

The mercury reached 52F here yesterday with glorious sunshine.  What a relief.  Today is not quite as warm and a bit cloudy, but it still feels delicious outside.  We do, however, have the possibility of a snowstorm Wednesday/Thursday, but are hopeful it will be minimal and that it will be the last.  We still have snow on the ground here, but it is slowly melting and we see patches of actual ground in places.  Yay!  The geese and deer are also pleased about this.  I can sort of see the top of the picnic table.  Yep, we’re making progress.

My annual CT scan is scheduled for early April with an appointment to see my surgeon about a week following the scan to get the results.  Although I don’t anticipate any issues, I still get the “heebie-jeebies” when this time rolls around.  It’s just a natural feeling that happens, so I’m just recognizing it for what it is and rolling along.  What will be, will be.  I will, however, be glad when it’s done and dusted and I can move on with the rest of the year.

The weekend after my surgeon appointment, we will be invaded!  The property owners have rented out the property to Military Simulation Airsoft Training and Operations.  Yeah, I didn’t know what that was, either.  Think paintball wars only with biodegradable pellets instead of paint and on an apparently much higher level of technical sophistication.  Essentially it’s staged combat, with the scenario here being radioactive, chemical and biological warfare/terrorism.  Apparently folks pay money (quite a bit, I would think) to participate in these events.  Ours will be a two-day weekend affair with possibly 400 warriors (Patriots and Freedom Fighters) converging on the property.  Apparently they also film the events, using this in developing video games, etc. 

No live ammo, no knives, no physical combat.   Apparently their rules of conduct are very strict and they mean business.  Just lots of guys (and gals??) dressed in military garb, film crews, support crews . . . wow, I say.

I’m torn between “Oh. My. God.” and “Wow!  Cool!”  My initial thoughts are “where is everybody gonna park,” “they darn well better not leave litter everywhere,” and “where is everyone going to sleep?  Hotels?  Are they going to pitch tent barracks on the property??” “Will there be military trucks and choppers?”  “Does Bruce Willis attend these sort of events?”  Teeheee!!  (I’ve heard celebrities have been known to participate.)

No, I definitely won’t be having all 400+ people sign in.  Well, if Bruce Willis showed up, I’d have to present the sign-in sheet to him.  Ha!

Okay, I’m being silly.

The company has rented out several of their properties to MSATO, with the first one being this weekend.  We’ll know more what to expect after this first one is over and as we get closer to our date.

Should be interesting, at the least.  Better make sure we’re stocked up on stuff and don’t have to go anywhere that weekend.  And that my camera batteries are recharged.

No, we certainly can’t say our life here is boring.

I heard Woodpecker throughout the day yesterday and a Mourning Dove sat on one of the wires and “coo-coo’ed” in the afternoon, so Spring is coming! 

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  1. If you can figure a way to participate, I am sure you will. Good luck on celebrating sightings.

    1. Jerry, it will be strictly a spectator event for yours truly. That'll be enough!

  2. I would love to have that kind to event where I would not have to worry where to park! Lucky you.

    Love Wegmans. Daughter goes to one in MD. She says she get there early, early Saturday mornings because they put out the "cheap meat". Meaning the meats with about to expire sell-by dates. She is VERY budget conscious.

    Nice to have a larger fridge now and better able to make great meals, I bet.

    1. Wegman's was pretty cool, but it was Saturday morning and quite busy. My eyes tend to glaze over in environments like that.

  3. What a fun outing!! I love browsing around a new and large grocery store, even if I don't buy anything. Ever been to Whole Foods? That's my place to wander around :).

    1. Whole Foods is cool, too, indeed! Don't know that I'll do much actual shopping at Wegman's, but it is another source for different items and ideas for meals.

  4. Sounds like an interesting group heading there. Hope your temps warm up now! You've had a rough fall and winter.


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