Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rare Sunday Evening Post

Work has been quiet this weekend, so I have taken advantage of the lull to do some major Spring cleaning.  We’re talkin’ mini blinds, cabinets, vents, inside closets, walls, fixtures, etc.  Not just the usual routine dusting and so forth, but the cleaning I’ve been wanting to do ever since we left the funkiness of South Carolina and the other park here in Bryan where we stayed for a month.  Yes, I’ve been doing the “lightweight” usual housecleaning, but not this nitty-gritty stuff on a deeper level.  Seems like I’ve been working a lot; well, not just seems like it, but I have.  Our days off together have seen us running errands or simply just crashing – watching movies, napping in our recliners, etc.

So, I’ve been going with the flow – workflow, that is – and using this lull to tackle these things.  Today was a wee grocery run before Dave left with the truck, then laundry, changing out the bed linens, feeding/walking Maggie followed by dinner for me.  Just took a chicken noodle casserole out of the oven for meals over the next couple of days.

It’s been a bit busier here in the park recently.  This is a popular stopping spot with several return guests.  We’ve been here since November, and I’ve had the pleasure of visiting with a few “regulars” even in that short period of time.

I guess that’s a short period of time.  This week will mark four months we’ve been here.  Yoinks!

I’ll confess . . . I’m sometimes in a bit of a funk about our present situation.  We both have said, “If only we’d taken the Massachusetts assignment when it was offered . . .”  At that time, however, it really did look like we were on track to be in NJ another few years.  We didn’t see the advantage in going more north since we were content where we were.  If we had . . . we’d still be making great money doing the security work we enjoy in surroundings which suit us better than where we are now. 

But . . . one can drive oneself nuts and make oneself miserable thinking about the “if only’s.” 

Don’t get me wrong.  Really.  I am grateful for the work we have, that we landed in a nice park and that we are hanging in.

I’m grateful for all the memories we made while in New Jersey.  We worked hard, had adventures, adapted to Mother Nature’s whims and had ourselves some fun!

I have always been one to look on the positive side of things and I still do, it’s just that sometimes . . .

Ah well. 

You know what, though? 

Life is guid!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi. I Did some deep cLeaning on Sunday, too. Opened all the windows to get a nice cross breeze. I'm not exactly where I thought I would be on my RV journey, but I am grateful for the job I have, because it will allow me to travel further down the road in the future. Hoping that a good opportunity comes along for you.


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