Wednesday, March 16, 2016

We Sure Got a Lot Done

We’re on the down side of our weekend, nicely tired from having a productive two days off.  Dave started yesterday (Tuesday) with a morning bike ride and, when he returned, we tackled washing the rig.  He began with the roof.  Man, you should have seen the dirty water pouring down the sides!  Once finished we teamed up to do the rest of our home.  I tell ya, we were tired afterwards.  We then splurged on carry-out pizza and spent the evening watching the election returns on TV.

Post wash street side 03162016

The grass had gotten pretty out of control with recent rains, warm weather and then sunshine.  The yard service wasn’t scheduled to come until Thursday, but the owner/manager brought in his own mower and mowed quite a bit of the section here up front.  What a relief!  We really appreciated that.  That “we” includes Maggie, too.  It was getting to be quite a jungle for her.

Post wash 03162016

Today started much like yesterday with Dave off for a 40-mile ride.  I decided to do what laundry there was in the hamper, as there’s rain in the forecast starting tonight.  After that, I boogied outta here and landed at Target. 

We are in a humid climate, and it will be both hot and humid before long.  I had seen reviews both from RVers and “regular” purchasers of the Eva-Dry countertop units, and this is what I was after.  Target was supposed to have them in stock.

Dehumidifier 03162016

And so they did!  There were two, actually, so I brought this puppy home.  It sits about 8.5” tall, just the right size for countertop placement.  With its size, I can put it in the bathroom, bedroom or here in the kitchen/living area.  It is indeed whisper-quiet.  It think I’m going to like it! 

Next stop was H.E.B. for our week’s worth of provisions.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the two days I have access to our truck; if I’m going to run any errands, those are the days.

After putting everything away, we were back outside to clean the exterior windows.  They ended up being a bit streaked from yesterday’s bathing of the rig.  Thanks so much to my hubby for working so hard on our home on his two days off!  We’re now all clean, inside and out.  Yay!

The yard service showed up today, probably because of the rain forecast which is supposed to kick in tonight.  They mowed the rest of the park and did the edging and trimming around our site.  Of course, that meant more grass clippings to be swept off our patio and parking spot.  They do come around and blow everything, but I always do a more thorough sweeping.

One long-term forecast model has us in store for a pretty darn hot summer, so anything we can do (I.e., dehumidifier) to make it cooler and more comfortable inside is imperative.  We’ll also get to Lowe’s before long for insulation panels like we used for skirting in New Jersey.  The street side of our rig gets direct sun pretty much all day, so we’ll put up panels in the windows on that side.  The panels, the dehumidifier, the LED lights and the dark curtains I put up while in NJ should all help keep it more tolerable in here.

I hope.

For now, however, we enjoyed two days of nice weather and, although there may be a bit of rain, we are to be treated to more seasonable temperatures back in the 70s for a wee while.

I’m good with that.

There are quite a few work emails awaiting my attention tomorrow, so I’ll be hitting the ground running again.  This lull has been a productive time, but I’m looking my usual full days of assisting my clients.

Thanks for stopping by!

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