Monday, December 9, 2013

I Think Winter Has Arrived

I must have some Bear DNA in me somewhere.  When the dreary, cold days of Winter come along, I have a hard time getting motivated to go anywhere.  I’m content to just stay home/here on the property. 

May 25 evening

May 2013 – Office trailer to the left of our RV

I really like and appreciate my office even more during Winter.  Yes, our RV stays cozy; however, “my” section of the office trailer is divinely snug.  My section is the approximately 10 x 10 area closest to our rig.  There’s a door that separates my portion from the rest.  I can crank up my little ceramic tower heater that supplements the electric baseboard heaters and stay comfortably toasty!

Dec 8 2013

December 8, 2013

Yes, we had our first “real” snow event yesterday.  The forecast was for up to 4”, but we lucked out again and only got about an inch.  That’s fine with me!  Last night it turned to freezing rain followed by a light, drizzly rain most of today.  It warmed up enough that most of what you see melted by this afternoon.  However!  We have yet another event coming in overnight and through tomorrow which is again slated to bring 2-4” with a high of 32 tomorrow.  The rest of the week will hover around freezing for highs but at least bring clear skies.

photo (3)

See that vertical “wire” hanging down off our RV and attached to the bucket?  That’s no wire, folks, that’s an icicle!  Pretty darn amazing.


Chicken Fiesta Soup

Chicken Fiesta Soup in the slow cooker last week seemed a good idea, and it was!


Chess Early December

Holiday Chess

We’re still enjoying our weekend chess matches, with usually two games each weekend evening.  I’m playing better and giving Dave a run for his money.  Last night we ended up in a draw and I’ve won a game here and there.  Of course, I did look up opening chess moves on the Internet.  Punk

I got out the Christmas decorations and what you see above is as much as I’ve done so far.  I still have lights to put up in our RV, the office and a string or two outside.  Haven’t been too motivated to do any of that yet, although the weather hasn’t been cooperating with putting up the outside lights.  Maybe later this week.  Better get it done if I’m going to do it!

We did make a trip to the mall Saturday afternoon.  We don’t go that often; in fact, it’s really at Christmastime that we journey over there unless we need something, say, from Radio Shack, etc.  We have again been included in the company holiday luncheon coming up in a little over a week, and I really didn’t have anything dressy enough.  I scored an outfit that will do quite nicely and can be worn for other things.  To top it off, when I was checking out, turns out both pieces were on sale, so I ended up saving about 50%.  I can live with that!  We’ll get in another mall journey soon to pick up some Hickory Farms goodies – another Christmas tradition – and prowl around a bit.

It’s been a full day at work, so I think I’ll have a bit of an early night.  I wonder how white it will be when we greet tomorrow!

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