Friday, December 20, 2013

Party Day!


We were again invited to the company holiday luncheon!  We left the property around 10 AM and got home at almost 5 PM.  Whew!  The luncheon is held near the main office, so we had to travel a bit.

Entry at The Stone Terrace IPPE Holiday Luncheon

Christmas decorations at the entry to The Stone Terrace, where this year’s luncheon was held.  We had a private banquet room on the ground floor.


At IPPE Holiday Lunch 12202013

A rare photo – both of us together, “dressed up” and in Scottish attire

Dave had only worn his kilt three times before today – at our wedding and two funerals.  My sash is the tartan of Dave’s clan; I  had worn it on my wedding dress.

We are “only” contractors and obviously do not work at the main office; however, this year again we were included in the holiday luncheon.  We truly appreciate the thoughtfulness of this.

What a fun afternoon!  The environment was lovely and the food was quite good.  The fellowship was . . . wonderful!  This company is quite a rarity these days.  With international holdings, it is family owned and run, and truly the camaraderie is that of good friends and family.  This is not only exhibited during the holidays but year-round.  They truly do seem to care about the people who work with and for them as part of their team.  The two owner-brothers make a point of coming around to speak to each individual.  This is a bunch of huggers, too!  Cool.

I yapped and laughed an entire year’s worth this afternoon!

Working as we do, we are rather isolated at times.  Some days there are people here but many days it is dead quiet.  Although I speak with many of the office folks on the phone and via email throughout the year, it’s different than working in the cubicle or office next door to them.  Associating a face with a voice is such fun and helps nurture that team spirit.

Last year’s “program” was a company-themed rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas.  This year it was a company-oriented episode of “Family Feud.”  So funny!  The two “families” had the rest of us in the “audience” howling with laughter.  The questions and responses were very clever.

I applaud the owners for knowing the value of giving their team some fun time together after working so hard throughout the year.  Again, this can be a rarity in today’s business environment.  Well done!

And you know what?  I’m feeling a bit more festive now!

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  1. Funny, I think that's the first picture I've seen of the two of you. In my mind you had long dark brown hair and Dave was more wiry with blonde locks. I'm not being critical, it's just a hoot what the mind conjures up without seeing people in pictures or in person. :)

    1. Judy, well,like I said, we rarely get the chance to have a photo taken of us together. Actually, my hair used to be longer and darker and Dave . . . well, when his locks were still around they were indeed blonde!

  2. Happy to have found your new blog! Once you made the change to your old one, new posts stopped popping to the top of my blog list. Today I was scrolling down my list and thought I would see if you had updated - and saw your post with the link to here. :)

    Great picture of the two of you!

    1. Hi Jessica, nice to see you back! Thanks for following along and for your comment about our photo.


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