Monday, December 16, 2013

Snowy Saturday



Dec 13 Dave Ride 2

Dave managed a bike ride Friday afternoon.


It started snowing again at 8 AM Saturday morning, snowed for 12 hours straight (at times close to being a whiteout) and then topped that with an ice storm.


Dave clearing the roof of the first 2” of snow . . . but that was early in the day.


12142013 Warren Glen 1

We took a stroll down the entry drive to the main road out front in the afternoon.


12142013 Warren Glen 2

Took a look at the county road that runs by the front of the property, then turned around and headed back down the entry drive.


12142013 Warren Glen 3

There’s our RV/home with our truck parked to the right and the office trailer to the left of our RV.  You can see the mill building in the background and Musconetcong Mountain rising up behind that.


12142013 Warren Glen 4

Not exactly the perfect day for a picnic!


We both heard the snowplow on the property at around 4 AM (dark-thirty) Sunday morning.  No, we didn’t get up!

Our RV was encased in ice Sunday when we got up and about.  Think a 38”, 15,000+ pound ice cube.  At least the sun did come out a bit and most of the ice melted. 

There’s about 6” of snow on the ground topped with 1/2 to 1” of ice.  Crusty snow!  Maggie has been wearing her boots.  She is light enough that she doesn’t crack through the crust, but goes “skating” on the surface.  She’s so funny.  It’s a new experience for her, this skating thing, and she has been having a ball.  At one point today, she slipped and sprawled – like a novice ice skater might – but got right up and pranced along. She was unhurt and behaved as if it was a fun thing to do that.  I swear she was smiling.

Tonight is going to bring .  . . you guessed it.  More snow!   That’s the forecast through tomorrow evening.  Thank goodness for these . . .


These babies are eight years old now.  Ordered them my first Winter in Minnesota.  I have strap-on cleats on them for dealing with icy conditions.

We’re getting January weather a month early here.  At least Friday is looking better so far; that’s a good thing, as it’s the company holiday luncheon.  We’ve been invited again this year and it’s a bit of a drive from here to the restaurant. 

Stay safe and warm wherever you are!

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  1. Fun, isn't it! Everything is melted down south (Jersey) here. But surely we will be seeing more before we really do head south in a couple of weeks.

  2. Oh my dear.....better you than me. I cringed when we had that cold blast in central Texas last week. I hate cold weather and, after growing up in Minnesota, I don't ever need to shovel snow again. Glad you are at least warm and comfortable in your RV.


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