Sunday, December 29, 2013

What’s Today?


Okay, so it’s Sunday.  Got it.  Having Christmas in the middle of the week gets confusing as to what day it is.  Thursday felt like Monday.  Then there was Friday and b i n g o it’s the weekend again. 

Yesterday was reasonably nice for December here in New Jersey.  Maggie even had a clip outside.  Dave got in 55 miles on the bike.  Today, however, is a completely different story with rain (at times heavy) that started at around 9 AM.  At least it’s not freezing cold out.  It’s dreary out, so I have my Happy Light glowing as I visit with you here.  Just had my self-allotted one cup of coffee and I cleaned our bathroom a bit ago. 

I can think of another dozen things I should/could be doing this afternoon, but . . . aw, heck . . . I think I’ll just be lazy.  That’s what Sundays are for, right?  The years we worked self-storage, we worked weekends, so it’s nice to have Sundays for just . . . kicking back, especially when the weather is icky out.

Another year is almost gone, and we’ve been on the road for 3.5 years!   Not that we’re actually traveling, but I consider “being on the road” what we’re doing.  Again, if we have to work (which we still do), we’ve got a sweet gig here. 

Well, I’m rambling and have no real news, so I’ll leave you with one of my shorter blog posts!

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  1. Happy Sunday! I also feel like my days were all mixed up.

  2. Yup, we will be on the road again in four days. Won't be back in this area until October. That was some rain today here in NJ for sure. Finally let up a little earlier this evening.


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