Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking Back at 2014

We have had another interesting year as full-time RVers, now 4.5 years on the road. 2014 has been another year of adventures, memories made and enjoyment of our lifestyle and work. Here are some highlights of our year.

We continue working as an on-site security team, starting 2014 in northwest New Jersey.  We experienced quite a bit of snow during January and February.





Betty shoveling during a snowstorm that dropped 15” of the white stuff

Even though we had quite a few days of subzero temperatures, our rig kept us comfortable and cozy.  One thing about it, these sort of conditions keep one hale and hardy!  The snow really wasn't all that bad, just mainly an inconvenience.

We were fortunate to again take a holiday, returning to a beach house in Cape May, NJ aptly named Dolphin Watch. The only thing separating it from the beach is a small street in front, and we enjoyed watching pods of dolphins glide by in the bay from the top deck of the house.


Dolphin Watch in Cape May, NJ

The rest of our Summer passed uneventfully, and we simply enjoyed ourselves with grilling outdoors, doing grounds maintenance (we both had fun mowing the lawns with the zero-turn mower) and me tending my flowerbeds. Dave cycled quite bit and I continued my walking routine. We had a fire ring and spent evenings by a campfire whenever possible.


 In late August, we were informed that a security team was no longer needed on the property, and were asked if we would consider a transfer to the property in South Carolina. We said, “Yes!” and late September saw us on the road headed south, arriving on station October 1. This location was our first job with the security company and the contracting company, having worked a 2-month gig here in 2010, while the resident team went on vacation.


The property in NJ was beautiful.  We made many memories there, including an earthquake, Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Lee, Superstorm Sandy, numerous Nor’easters and my second cancer diagnosis in 2012.



We spent two nights in Harrisonburg, VA



At a rest stop in W. Virginia, hanging with the “big dogs.” 

Almost 800 miles and a few days later, we were back in South Carolina. Not having made a long trip with our rig in almost four years, it was an adventure and rather fun being on the road again. I do the towing of our rig and thoroughly enjoy it; yes, I am my father's daughter! We made the journey without mishap, gathering more memories of our life together along the way.


Bass Lake Campground in Dillon, SC

Bass Lake was our final landing spot prior to arriving at the work site on October 1, and we went on duty that night; we are now working nights and weekends.



Our current setup in South Carolina

We have gone from essentially running the property in NJ to more laid-back responsibilities here in SC.  The needs of every property are different, but it is interesting work and we are working with two good organizations.  Adjusting to night shift has been . . . well, an adjustment . . . but the good news is no alarm clocks!  We awaken naturally, and my body is pleased with that.


Fog 12162014 early AM

Night shift does have its moments

Our overall health remains good and we . . . well, we simply enjoy and cherish our days and nights together.  We often play chess or Scrabble, watch a movie from the comfort of our recliners, grill and just “be.”  I continue working part-time as a virtual assistant via oDesk and am having fun with that.


Maggie 12232014

Our dear wee Maggie continues to delight and bring us joy.  She is a real trouper and excellent traveler.

It really has been another outstanding 12 months.  I am grateful to continue being cancer-free and feeling good, and am looking forward to more adventures in 2015!

How was your year?

 Happy New Year!   Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice review. Wish we could have connected again while we were in NJ. North Carolina? Not in our immediate plans but who knows!

  2. So where will you go for your get away this coming year? Back to Cape May?

  3. Hello Miss Rose! I was wondering about the type of work you do, we do gate guarding, but a change od scenery would be great!! IF you feel like sharing, what type of security do you do, and what company? I understand if you don't ant to share that info! We are both retired law enforcement and enjoy this type of work. Thank you for anything you can share!! Love your Blog!!!


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