Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Husband Rocks


We ventured over to Magnolia Mall for the first time Friday, where we made our annual purchases at Hickory Farms, I completed my shopping for Dave’s Christmas and we just prowled a bit.  We’ll be going back again before Christmas.   We’re not “mall types,” and this  time of year is really about the only time we hit a mall.  Magnolia Mall beats the heck out of the one we had in NJ, where many of the stores had moved out; there really was not much left.  This mall, however, is definitely thriving.

Tree after trimming 12072014

Today has been windy (and chilly!) and the dead fronds on this tree were rubbing on our rig a bit, not to mention making a heck of a racket.  swish ~~ crackle  Dave got on the roof this afternoon and took care of this.  He’s awesome!  Yes, he rocks!

Tree fronds 12072014

17 fronds went bye-bye in the back of the company truck

Lights 12072014 2

Decorations went up in our home today.  This is taken near the door looking back to the kitchen with the living room slide on the right.

Lights 12072014

It’s all about the lights, making things cheery.  This is taken from the kitchen looking forward.  Stockings are hung from the slide on the left.

Tree 12072014

Our wee tree on the dining table.  Found that tree our first year out in 2010.

Dave got me this awesome hat for Christmas and I really used it in the New Jersey winters.  It is a high quality piece and quite warm.

Hat found 12072014

Well, last Winter, it disappeared.  I looked high and low for this baby, wondering where the heck it had gone.  Darnedest thing, its disappearance.  I kept the faith, refusing to believe it was absolutely gone.  So . . . .

When I opened our box of Christmas decorations this afternoon, there under the garland was . . . Hat!  How in the world did it get packed with the decorations?  I have no clue, but I felt like Christmas morning had arrived early when I saw it!

Well played, Hat, to appear again today you are truly needed in the wind and cold!

I’ve been a bit blah this week, but then realized it would have been Karen’s birthday a few days ago.  I sure miss that gal.  When we were kids, our families spent just about every Thanksgiving together, but she and I shared only one Christmas.  She was with me at my Brenham home the first time Dave called from Scotland on Christmas Eve 2004.  She and I watched a James Bond movie  marathon that night, ooh’ing and aaah’ing over Sean Connery and waiting for it to snow.  Earlier in the day, we had prowled a old-fashioned toy store in town and spotted kazoos.  I had never played one, so she bought two and taught me.  Yep, you guessed it.  Two middle-aged women playing Christmas carols on kazoos into the wee hours of the morning, waiting for it to snow.  It snowed just about everywhere else in Texas that night, including at the beach in Galveston, but not in Brenham.  Good memories, that, time shared just be-ing.  Ten years ago. Wow.

Yes, it’s cold out right now at almost 11:30 PM with the wind, but I really don’t mind.  This past week has seen temps reaching almost 70 F, which seems bizarre to me this close to Christmas after our time in NJ.  This change in weather and getting our decorations up has put me in a bit more of a holiday mood.

Hope you’re feeling some holiday cheer!

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  1. You are well aware of the COLD in NJ. At my last job, my office was in a different building from the plant. Since the facility is in the middle of open fields, the winds can blow. My head froze. Len bought me one of the hats like the Corrections Officers wore at the State Prison where he worked. You know the style - Elmer Fudd, flaps and all. At first I thought "I can't be seen in this". Well one trip between facilities with it on, changed my mind. When ones finds a great, warm hat - keep it! I'm glad you found yours.


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