Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Well, Well . . . It’s December

Crazy to think 2014 is almost history.  Thanksgiving is behind us and I suppose we are well into the holiday season, eh? 

Interior office door decoration 12032014

Silly door hanging for inside of our office suite door.  There is a more traditional wreath on the exterior; I’ll try to get a photo of that tomorrow.  Saw this whimsical one and just could not resist.  In honor and remembrance of the past few winters we have spent in NJ.  Doubtful we will see snow here, or at least not of the volume we had up North.

I really have not felt very much in the holiday spirit but did a bit today.  Put up some tinsel and lights here in our office suite, as we spend much of our waking hours in here and the majority of those are at night.  I figured we could use a bit of cheer in here.  I’ll get out our few decorations for our RV home this weekend and cheer things up in there, too.


Yes, Phyllis, I did roast the turkey Sunday, and it turned out quite nicely.  It ended up in a casserole yesterday, and that was a good move.  Dave had some leftovers for his “breakfast” today and I just about finished it off this afternoon with a salad.

Maggie blankie 2 11282014

Maggie was snuggling with her blanket last week during the cold spell.  The spare chair in my office is one of her spots.  She’ll be there some nights and others, like tonight, on her big, cushy bed on the floor.


Did I tell you about my encounter with Spider?  Last week when we had those three straight days of rain, I was taking my shower back over in our RV.  Was drying off one night/morning (what we call “night” is 2-3 AM) and plop! into the shower floor dropped Spider!  I think we were both surprised!  I hopped out of the shower stall rather quickly, saying a few words in doing so.  Well, Spider was soon an ex-Spider, but I left it in the shower.  Why?  Well, I figured chances were darn good that I had been bitten and, if I became ill, we would have the culprit available for identification purposes.  Really, though, this was no evil-looking Spider, just a . . . well, Spider.  Brownish, gray run-of-the-mill Spider.

Sure enough, the next day (well, later that same day), I noticed what appeared to be a bite.  It is essentially healed now and was never severe, although I felt kinda of punky for about 48 hours.  Again, nothing serious . . . almost a bit like I was coming down with the flu. 

That is the first time in 4.5 years of full-timing that we have had an issue with a critter of that sort in the rig.  You can bet I check towels, PJs, etc. now! 

Full-timing in the South.  Bugs.  Spiders.  Ugh.

Speaking of which, a couple of weeks ago there were ladybugs everyfreakinwhere.  Now it seems to be garden millipedes.  Ick.  Neither of those have been in our rig, thank goodness!


Well, Dave has gone to bed until around 2 AM.  He has not been sleeping well at all since our crazy five days over the Thanksgiving holiday, when our sleep patterns were disrupted due to work obligations here.  We’re back on our regular schedule and I have pretty much bounced back, but he is struggling to get prolonged sleep again.  I’ll change gears now and put in some time on my virtual assistant gig. 

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  1. So many uses for one turkey!

    In NJ and PA we often get the company of Stink Bugs. Thought we were through. But just a short time ago one came crawling up on the computer mouse. With a tissue wrapped around him, he took a dive in the toilet. Thinking with the warmer weather here he decided to come out from hiding. Bet he's not the last one.


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