Friday, November 28, 2014

Our Thanksgiving Day


Today was certainly a departure from Thanksgiving Days of previous years.

Beginning yesterday, we are on our own here until Monday and we’ve been pretty busy.  There was an issue with a system Tuesday, so we are having to monitor a level readout every two hours.  The tank which supplies water to our RV (and I think perhaps the office, too) had to be refilled today; that involves turning a valve, but one has to check on the storage tank and turn off the valve when the tank is full.  Dave took care of that this afternoon and refilled our fresh tank, too.  The overnight temperatures are below freezing tonight and the next couple of nights, so that means various water spigots need to be turned on around the property to avoid freezing lines; Dave took care of that, too, this afternoon.  These things are in addition to our regular patrol rounds.

We’re both running on less sleep, seeing as one of us needs to be up at all times in order to perform the system check every two hours.  Those two hours really fly by.

I did manage to put together a semi-traditional Thanksgiving meal  with the usual side dishes but sans turkey.  Said bird did not thaw in time, so we had breaded chicken breasts instead.  I made an ambrosia salad for the first time, which turned out well.  This is the first Thanksgiving meal that Dave and I have eaten in shifts.  Oh well, we both ate well, just at different times.   Hooray for leftovers!

After dinner, I discovered that our TV picks up a Fox channel very well.  I ended up looking at most of the fourth quarter of the Dallas/Philadelphia football game . . . and enjoyed it!  Goodness, I had not watched football in . . . well, ages.  Following that was Fox’s Cause for Paws; Maggie and I snuggled in my recliner under a fave blankie and watched that together. 

We had nonstop rain Sunday through Wednesday morning, followed by colder and windy conditions today.  Less sleep than usual and that “I just can’t seem to get warm” feeling contributed to my feeling rather punky most of today.  I rarely take a pain pill, but took half a one a couple of hours ago and am feeling much better. 

Dave has been in bed for a couple of hours now; Maggie and I have the watch until about 2 AM.  I’ll be ready for a shower and my turn to catch some zzz’s. 

You know, our current assignment and locale is not optimal, but I have so much for which to be thankful.  We are employed and our material needs are met, including being able to put a plentiful dinner on our table.  We work with good people.  I am alive after beating cancer twice and, health-wise, the majority of my days are good ones.  We own our home and it has wheels, so we are free to live wherever we choose.  The lifestyle I live is of my own choosing and I share it with a husband who is also my best friend.  Our wee Maggie is a source of delight and comfort who knows, among many things, just when to snuggle in my lap and radiate peaceful “therapy dog” vibes.  While our version of the full-time life is somewhat different than the typical stereotype, we are living Life and collecting so many memories.

Yes, the list goes on and on.  And on.

Life is indeed guid!

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  1. Always the optimist! So, have you by now cooked that frozen turkey?


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