Sunday, November 23, 2014

Chasin’ Daylight

So it’s been ten days since my last post.  All I can say is that there really isn’t much to talk about.  We have settled into a routine – more or less – and the days seem to slip by quickly and quietly.  We are finding we leave the property much less here than in NJ.

I did recently install a modem/router for the Internet system that services our RV.  Took a bit of time, as there were some system configuration issues; however, AT&T tech support was great, and it’s all working like a charm now.  I enjoyed wearing my geek hat, and this provided the opportunity for me to document system information for the facility.  Dave picked up some extra work this weekend clearing some of the rail tracks and cleaning out a rail building.  These were nice variations in our routine.

Monday is the day we go grocery shopping to either Food Lion (nice store) or Walmart (if we need more than just provisions), perhaps to Lowe’s or wherever else we need to visit to pick up something.  Typically it’s just groceries.  I occasionally get  out to run an errand, but certainly not every week. 

Saturday is laundry day, and that is an all-day endeavor here, especially when one gets started in the early afternoon.  Our washer and dryer are working perfectly, but it seems to take items longer to dry here than in Jersey, probably because of the higher humidity in the atmosphere.  They get dry, but now it’s 1.5 hours in the dryer instead of an hour, and this prolongs the entire process.  I sort clothes Friday evening and have the laundry bags set out in the living room; I usually get up before Dave, so I can grab the bags without disturbing him.  All that being said, I still am so thankful we have our own facilities here and I’m not having to go to a laundromat. 

Maggie Raincoat 11232014

Maggie was not impressed with the rainy and blustery weather today.  Me, neither.

We seem to be chasing daylight these days with the early arrival of darkness around 5 PM.  On the days Dave rides, he pretty much has “breakfast” – at around 1 PM – and then immediately gets ready to go out.  We’re getting about 4-5 hours of daylight right now to do things.  Crazy.  Seems like 6 PM rolls around pretty darn quick and we’re back at work. 

As you can tell by Maggie’s expression above, the weather was  lousy out today.  Chores done, I spent time in the kitchen . . .

Pizza Casserole 11232014

Pizza casserole . . .  yummy!

This was a major deal, actually, as we really aren’t eating nearly as much these days.  Good news is I’ve lost 10 pounds since leaving NJ.  No, we’re not starving ourselves; most days my main meal is my first one . . . my breakfast . . . and it’s a good one, so anything later is definitely on the light side.  Of course, Thanksgiving is coming, and I will be cooking our nice meal for that.  I’m thinking I’ll need to set my alarm clock so I can get started cooking well before noon . . .

Always in the past, we have taken time out to stroll a mall wherever we are at Christmastime – sometimes for shopping and other times just to take in the atmosphere of a mall at the holidays and window-shop.  I make my traditional stop at Hickory Farms and stock up on goodies.  This year . . . ??  I honestly don’t know when we’ll have the chance.  Hopefully we can squeeze in a trip sometime.

Being even more at-home folks these days, I am so thankful our RV home is snug, cozy and comfortable.  The curtains I put up in August really do add a nice touch and help with light filtration now that we’re daytime sleepers.   I appreciate having an office away from our rig and I’m glad I have my virtual assistant work to keep me occupied at night (and for the extra $$ it brings in).

Lights from dollar store 11232014

Picked up some lights at the dollar store for our office suite.  Since we’re over here a good bit of the time and at night, I’m hoping this will add a festive feel.  Might even add a couple of decorations or perhaps a wreath for our suite door.

This is certainly a different existence than we had previously, but we’re adjusting.  We run errands together now, work together . . . essentially are together 24/7 except when Dave is riding or pulling our work shift while the other sleeps.  I tell ya, it’s a good thing we get along so well! 

Looks like where we were in Jersey will be picking up 6-8” of snow just in time for Thanksgiving.  Will I miss shoveling snow or holding my breath while Dave gets on the roof of the rig to get the snow off the slides? 


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  1. I wouldn't miss that snow either. Hard on my arthritis among other things.

  2. Do you think you could comment on my latest post again and tell me how it looks? Good old Rick in BC helped me out but changed the comment thing. I tried changing it back and want to know if it changed back to the old way I did it. Just say yes it worked or no it didn't. :)


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