Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Strolling the Square

This afternoon I had an appointment for a hair trim.  Yep, have been looking a bit shaggy the past few days.  After almost four years with the same stylist in New Jersey, going to a new stylist was a bit . . . traumatic.  Well, that first visit always is, eh?  Dave says it looks good, but my personal jury is still out.  We’ll see how it does tomorrow after washing tonight and the wee bit of styling I do with it.  I’ll also see how it does as it grows out.  I was somewhat amused listening to the women talk in the salon . . . man, I’m definitely in the South again!  One doesn’t hear those types of accents anywhere but the South.

Sunset 11042014

This evening’s sunset

I planned to arrive at the Square early prior to my appointment, as I needed to pick up my bracelet from the jewelers.  Yay!  The jeweler did an excellent job in resizing my bracelet, and I can now actually wear it without worry that the clasp will accidentally open or the bracelet will slip off my wrist from being too large.  I am quite pleased.

With a bit of time to spare, I walked the Square, popping into a few stores to nose around a bit.  This included Carolina Drug (drugstore), which indeed has a working fountain/grill.  Cool.  I can see getting a burger or shake there in the future.  There was also a clothing resale/consignment shop; didn’t get anything, but I always enjoy poking around in those types of places.  I have picked up some excellent items for quite the bargain at similar places in the past.

Dave had a bike ride and dinner is in the oven . . . a teriyaki chicken dish.  It’s about time for the first patrol of the night, so I’d best be toddling off for now.  Hope you’ve had a great day!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. Only one more week here in NJ, time to get that haircut.


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