Tuesday, November 11, 2014

For the First Time in Over Four Years . . .


Blue Bell 11112014

There’s Blue Bell in our freezer!

You just can’t get Blue Bell in New Jersey, and we’ve been away from Texas since 2010.  I’d heard BB was available here and, sure enough, there it was in the freezers at Walmart.  I had a dab of the Dutch Chocolate this evening, and it was yummy.  Having lived in Brenham for a few years, I had met Belle, the BB cow.  A taste of home and Texas.  Nice.


Those aren’t rain clouds; it was just overcast today and quite very mild, but that will change come Thursday, when we drop into the 50s for daytime highs.  I’m ready.


See the dots on that column?


In NJ, we had stink bugs this time of year.  Here in SC, we have these.  I’ll take the “gals” versus the stinkbugs any day.

Our days are pretty much the same Tuesday through Friday.  Dave was out on the bike for a couple of hours this afternoon, getting chased by “only” two dogs today.  I changed and washed the bed linens.  Dinner done and dusted (yes, I did a bit of cooking and we ate together), Dave has gone over to our RV to catch some zzzz’s before his shift around 2 AM.  I’m here in the office visiting with you for a bit before working my virtual assistant gig for the remainder of my shift.  I’ll do a patrol somewhere around midnight.  Maggie’s here with me, patiently lounging on her bed.

That’s it for today.  Well, that’s something, at least.

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