Monday, November 3, 2014

Wintry Weekend

Friday was pleasant, and I grilled burgers for us that evening.  Saturday, on the other hand, brought downright chilly weather with rain and wind throughout the entire day.  We made our patrol rounds and did a few things indoors, but in the afternoon the three of us (that’s including Maggie) snuggled up on the bed and watched a Netflix movie via our Roku streaming stick – perfect cozy interlude on a blustery, wet and chilly Saturday.  Today started off definitely chilly and windy; this evening the wind has dissipated, but temps will bottom out at around 30F.

Just to be on the safe side, Dave drained our water hose which is outside.  If you recall, we’re running off our fresh tank, and he uses the hose to top off our tank every few days.

Friday I ventured to downtown Darlington and the jewelry store on the square.  Last Christmas Dave gave me a lovely silver bracelet; however, the clasp was of poor design and kept coming open.  I had it changed out for more secure lobster-type clasp while still in New Jersey.  This resulted in added length to the bracelet, making it too large for my wrist . . . especially since I have lost about 7 pounds during/with our move here to South Carolina.  Having previously noted the independent jewelry store on the Square, I took my bracelet in to see what they could do.  Sure enough, the jeweler said it would be no problem to take out a section of the bracelet.  Yay!  Guess what?  He said he would attach a loop (?) to the section he removes in case I would like it as a pendant or charm.  Sweet.  I also wear three pendants on a silver chain . . . well, last week the chain broke.  Bummer.  The jeweler helped me pick out a similar chain, and I have that on order, too.  All this for an extremely reasonable price, and I’m supporting a local, independent business.  One of my aunts sent me an American Express gift card for my birthday and I’m putting it to good use.  Thanks, Linda! 

While on the Square, I ventured over to the Merle Norman studio, which also has a hair salon in it, and made an appointment for a cut next week.  Going to a new stylist is always a bit of a freak-out, but I’m hopeful this will be a positive experience.

That’s really about all that’s been happening.  It is very quiet here and, from a security standpoint, that’s a good thing! 

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  1. I am thinking the weather down there is worse than up here. Cool and rainy early part of weekend and very windy Sunday.
    If not for the wind, would have been quite mild.

    Nice that you are getting acclimated to the area.


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