Thursday, November 13, 2014

She Nailed It!

I mentioned recently about getting my hair cut for the first time down here in SC and not being thrilled about the experience.  It really wasn’t a very good cut and needed some tweaking, and the entire experience left much to be desired.  With that in mind,  I had decided to visit a few salons to check them out.  There are a couple on the “square” in downtown Darlington.  The silver necklace chain I had ordered recently to replace a broken one was in at the jewelry store, so this was a good day to take care of both errands.

After parking and walking the square over to Studio 36, I saw a sign on the door which said they were closed from 2-3 PM.  Hmmm . . . what to do, since it was not quite 2 PM.  I prowled a couple of shops and then made my way to the Jewelers Bench to pick up my chain.  The remainder of the time was spent sitting on one of the benches on the square, enjoying the cooler temperatures and people-watching. 

Three o’clock rolled around and back to the salon I went, where I met Channon, co-owner and stylist.  We talked a bit and she took me as a walk-in appointment.

Hallelujah!  She nailed it!  Pleasant experience and a great cut.  I’ll go see her next month when it’s time again. 

Whew.  What a relief.  Working with guys in the type of environment I do, my monthly salon visit is the one “girlie” thing I get to do for myself away from home and the job.  It’s a wee bit of indulgent pampering and, by gosh, I’m gonna find a place that is pleasant and relaxing with a stylist with whom I can develop a rapport.


It is definitely cooling down outside, and there were a few drops of rain a bit ago.  This is courtesy of the Polar Vortex that has been blasting much of the country and is now making its way here.

Didn’t we used to just call these events a “front” or, even yet . . . Winter?   Seems like weather events have such dramatic names these days.


Cycling “Dog” Report . . . Or Rather, Harassment:  While Dave was not chased by a dog today, he related a somewhat more disturbing encounter.  He noticed a vehicle at a slow rate of speed behind him at one point.  Typically this is a motorist who is either a bit timid at passing a cyclist or is waiting for oncoming traffic to pass in order to give the cyclist a save berth on the right.  (Note:  There are minimal to no shoulders to the roads here.)  Dave started to get a slightly “weird” feeling about this, wondering what was up.  Finally the vehicle passed and, in when doing so, a male stuck his head out of the passenger window and “barked” at Dave . . . “woof woof woof!”

This is definitely not good.  Dave is an accomplished, safe and courteous cyclist, obeying the etiquette and laws of the road . .  .  keeping as close to the right as possible, etc.  This was a blatant display of harassment which could have had unfortunate results for all concerned.

More bluntly stated, “What the hell is wrong with you people down here?”

<insert dueling banjo music here>


I hear and see that NW NJ is receiving their first installment of snow this evening.  That’s a bittersweet thing . . . it really is beautiful, but sure is a lot of work when it piles up to two feet or so.   Surviving in that weather environment kept us hale and hardy, and it was fun to see Maggie walking on top of the ice-crusted snow, but . . . I won’t miss some aspects of the experience. 

Okay, I think I hear that wee container of Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate whispering to me . . .

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  1. I'm sorry you've moved to the Carolinas. You're in Redneck Central. We lived in Wake Forest NC for a few months and were chased by dogs on every single ride. All of them. Every time. I think pepper spray is the best bet. It's just sad that people can't ride without being threatened.


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