Monday, October 27, 2014

R & R

R & R is how I am training myself to look at our current assignment, which is very laid back compared to where we were previously.  Think James Bond coming off a mission and settling into a desk job.  Not that we had the secret agent thing going, but it was an active position with responsibility often requiring thinking on our feet at times and with an accompanying lifestyle environment that kept one alert.  Things are very different here.

In NJ, we experienced a two hurricanes, numerous winter storms and Nor’Easters, Superstorm Sandy, torrential rains that caused me to be watchful of the river, hefty snowfalls and subzero temperatures.  We went through a lot in our over 3.5 years there, much of it physically demanding and, at times, taxing.

I miss the job, interacting with people, the activity.  It was stimulating, interesting and fun; however, things change. 

So!  I am working on a paradigm shift to look at our time here in SC as a recuperative and restorative interlude until the next episode of our personal “James Bond movie” kicks in.  No alarm clocks (or security alarm systems) wake us from slumber; we awake naturally.  Instead of 4.5-6 hours of sleep a night, I am now logging about 8, from the time I go to bed at 3 AM until awakening anywhere from 10-11 AM, and I’m sleeping straight through.  It is quiet here (really, really quiet) and our basic duties are not at all what one might categorize as demanding, physically or intellectually.

A period of R&R.  Fine.  I’m gonna have to start knitting again or something.

View from breezeway 10272014

View from where we have our outside chairs

Being Monday, we were out for groceries.  On the way home, Dave directed us down some of the roads he is cycling, including one that goes to the Darlington Raceway

Darlington Raceway Stock Car Musem 10272014

Had groceries with us, so didn’t go in.  Might check it out some other time.

The Bojangles Southern 500 is the major event for this venue, happening Labor Day Weekend in 2015. 

We continue to be amazed how quickly the days pass here.  Our weather has been beautiful but still a bit on the warm side, so I’m looking forward to a cool-down in the forecast later this week.

Well, I think it’s time to post this and then enjoy my daily cup of java.  My work shift is just getting started.

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