Friday, October 10, 2014

It’s Friday Already?

I can’t say that this week since Monday (and my last post) has been exciting, but it has been busy.  We’ve been settling in more and more . . . so many little things to be done.  I did our first two loads of laundry, and that was sure a relief.  I hope to get caught up entirely this weekend.

Our macerator is working fine, even after being packed away and unused since October 2010, when we used it the first and only time for two months at this same site.  That, too, was a relief.  Not the optimal way to dump the tanks on one’s RV, but there are worse/more inconvenient methods and it works.

Our shower and toilet rooms here in the office area are set up, and that’s working out fine.  It’s a bit of a nuisance showering in one building and then going back to our RV, but I can certainly live with that wee inconvenience.  Having these facilities available is a tremendous help; because of that, we don’t have to dump our tanks nearly as often.

My hotspot is working out fine, too, and I’m glad I bumped up the monthly data.  I’m able to work my virtual assistant job at night when I’m on duty by myself.  Well, not really by myself, because Maggie is crashed on her bed right behind me.

My little office is just about set up; I brought over my printer today and it found the wireless connection just fine.  Yay!  We got our first packet of forwarded mail from Escapees and the chaos that was my desktop has been cleared away considerably after I took care of the mail and some personal paperwork. 

I’ve mentioned the Walmart is a bit farther away here than in NJ, but the redeeming thing is that there is a Dollar General store just down the road.  A bit more down the road is a station with diesel at the lowest price I’ve seen in the immediate area, and a wee market if we need basics like bread and milk in between major runs for groceries.

Researched online and hopefully found a hair salon for me and a veterinarian for Maggie.  I don’t mind getting a haircut at chain places for a one-off like when we’re traveling, but if I’m going to be in one spot for a spell, it’s nice to have the same person cut my hair all the time. Maggie is on special dog food only available via veterinarians, so I can check them out when it’s time to restock her.  I made sure she had plenty before we left NJ.

It’s still strange to be having breakfast around noon, and it feels a bit decadent to be sleeping until 10:30 or 11 AM, but I keep reminding myself that I’m up until about 3 AM.  Dave gets up about 2 AM, but by the time I have my shower, walk Maggs, get my clothes ready for the next day . . . well, later in the day . . .  and actually hit the sheets it’s right around 3 AM.

The tire covers we had were really too small for the tires on our current RV; we bought them originally for our popup and then used them on our bumper pull, both of which had smaller tires.  We figured we would order new covers when we arrived here, but turns out the tires are actually in the shade throughout the day.  So . . .

Instead of covers, I’ll be ordering a platform step to supplement the entry steps on our rig.  It’s quite a big step-up to the first one.  In NJ, we had a nice shipping pallet that Dave had covered with a piece of plywood.  This made an excellent porch and served us well, but we did not bring it with us.  I’ve been looking at different platform steps and have narrowed down the choices to two, both of which have favorable reviews.   I’ll think about it a bit more and then order one.

Okay, enough rambling for tonight.  Hope you’re having a good one!

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  1. We've got the aluminum platform with the adjustable legs -- it is just enough to make that first step doable for arthritic knees. Had the one with fixed-length legs, but lost it in a CRS moment when I left it on the A-frame for the Airstream as I pulled across a six-lane briskly enough to avoid death at 7:30 AM in Georgia one morning. It went skidding down the road where it attempted to mate with the dualies on an 18-wheeler. Oh well. Not the first time I've screwed up in my life. Both of them worked a treat.

    1. Wil, cheers for your feedback on the steps. Loved your story, too! What a visual! Enjoyed it.


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