Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yes, We’re Back in The South

Yesterday being Monday, it was grocery shopping day.  Instead of going to Walmart, we ventured down Highway 52 just a bit towards Darlington to a Food Lion.  I was pleasantly surprised; it was clean, inviting and not crowded.  There was a nice variety of items, produce and meats looked good, etc.  There were some items I had not seen in quite some time . . .

Grocery item

Smoked Pork Hocks – yep, we’re back in The South

No, I didn’t put the above in my cart.  What I did find was some nice tilapia for our dinner last evening and . . . wait for it . . . hushpuppies!  Woot!  I hadn’t had hushpuppies in probably five years.  You bet I had some with my piece of fish.  Wonder where that term comes from?  Possibly the origin is from way back in the American wilderness when hunters, fishermen and others would fry up a ball of cornmeal and feed it to their dogs . . . hence, the term “hushpuppy.”  Well, this puppy hushed while I enjoyed those yummy morsels!

Speaking of puppies, have I mentioned how much Maggie likes her bed in the office?

Maggie in bed 10212014

Taken this evening.  She’s pretty much down for the count for the night, that is, until our work shift is ended; she and I will go next door to our RV and go to bed around 2 AM.

Just to set the record straight, Maggie is quite active during the days.  We walk quite a bit and she often goes on patrol with me.  There is a decent amount of floor space in the office suite for her to do the “crazy dog run around,” and we play a bit.  She does like her bed in the evenings when she and I are in the office together pulling our guard shift.

Today didn’t go as I envisioned, as I spent virtually the entire afternoon in phone calls to AT&T.  Was attempting to make a change in our plan to lower our monthly expense, which resulted in a snafu of my online account, which led to trying to speak to someone whose native language was not English, back to another phone call and finally a promise that someone would be calling me “today.”  Well . . . today is almost over and that person has not called.  I’m wondering if the bit of annual savings is really worth all the hassle I’m going through . . .

I made Dave a steak bridie for his dinner meal, and there is enough meat left for another one tomorrow, so at least I don’t have to really cook.  The bridie project is an all-day thing, although most of it is the meat cooking in the slow cooker.  It is a process, even after the meat is done. 

Hopefully that means tomorrow I’ll have more time to do the things I planned for today.  Exciting stuff, ya know, like vacuuming, straightening up a bit, working my virtual assistant job, etc.  Ah well, no complaints.  The days pass swiftly.

Hope you’ve had a groovy day!

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  1. Typical getting someone who is difficult to understand. Hate the frustration.


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