Monday, October 6, 2014

Out and About on a Monday


Arising around 10 AM today, we had some breakfast and headed out with a goal of hitting up Walmart for a week’s worth of groceries and a few odds and ends.  Passing by the Pee Dee State Farmers Market, we decided we would go there first.  I turned us around and we headed back. 

Pee Dee Farmers Market 10062014

We patronized this farmers market back in 2010, too.  That’s Dave to the far right in jeans and blue t-shirt.

The nice thing about this farmers market is that it is open year-round and it is really quite close to our location. 

Pee Dee Farmers Market 2 10062014

There’s just about a little bit of everything at this market.

After selecting some good-looking produce, we headed off to Walmart.  As we settle in, I bet we’ll locate some regular grocery stores in the area; however, I must confess that this Walmart is huge and it is convenient to be able to get everything we need in one spot.

One thing we are both noticing is that food prices are much lower here compared to New Jersey.  That is a really good thing!

Maggie bed 2 10062014

Maggie enjoying her new bed in the office

Maggie is adjusting to the new life schedule, too.   She stays up with me until 2 AM, when Dave comes on duty, and then she and I go to bed.  When midnight rolls around and it’s time for us girls to go on patrol, she’ll look at me as if to say, “Why are the lights still on and why are we not in bed?”  She is indeed a trouper, gets up, does a few yoga poses/stretches and goes with me on rounds in the truck.

Maggie on patrol 10052014

Maggie on patrol in the golf cart the other afternoon

The Internet here is less than stellar, but we are grateful for what there is.  It is great at times but then floats in and out, so is not stable.  Needing a secure, reliable connection for our personal business and for my virtual assistant job, I jumped on AT&T’s offer of getting double the gigs per month at the same price.  Upped my data to 30 gigs and can use my phone as a hotspot, so we’ll see how that goes.  Dave can get by with the facility connection and I switch between the facility and my hotspot, depending on what I’m doing.

Thanks to fellow full-timer Jeff for turning me on to that deal from AT&T.  Jeff and his wife are oilfield gate guards down in Texas.  Jeff’s better half was catching up on sleep the other night while Jeff pulled a solo shift.  He and I ended up messaging back and forth in the wee hours, chatting about our jobs and the full-time lifestyle in general.  I enjoyed the company and appreciate the tip about the data special offer.

Dave headed off to bed a few minutes ago, so here Maggie and I are until 2 AM or thereabouts.  It’s not a rigid schedule and one that we set for ourselves.  If I need to crash before 2 AM, I’ll go get Dave.  Conversely, if I’m cruising along, I’ll let him sleep in a bit.

That’s it for today . . . or tonight . . . or whatever.  I’ll put on some music, and Maggie and I will get our evening started.

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  1. Oh my, you are making me yearn for a gig of gate guarding. DID I REALLY SAY THAT?


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