Wednesday, October 1, 2014


We arrived safely at our new assignment today after traveling just about 30 miles from Dillon, SC.  Arriving just before noon, we could not get our RV into its parking place until some low-hanging branches were trimmed.  The guys here at the facility got right on that.

Tree cutting at Darlington 10012014

It took them a little while to clear a path for us, as they had to get a man-lift and then a chainsaw, but they got the job done nicely.  Then it took us a while to set up the rig just right.  The outside is basically done – leveled, chocked, water and power hooked up, etc. – but we have a lot of fine tuning to do – more branches to clear so we can deploy our awning, get my plants out of the truck, etc.  The inside is still somewhat of a disaster area in that I have the basics done – kitchen set up, rugs down and so forth – but still have to arrange things and put things away.  Read that as find things.  Hahaha!

The really good news is that, yes, we have a suite in the “guard building” to use.  This building is right across a small street on the compound from our RV.  This has a small office we will use (where I am right now), a place for our dorm-sized fridge, sink and counter area for our Keurig, another room for storage, a restroom with toilet and sink and then a shower room.  Yes, the shower itself is larger than our RV.  I will be able to fix both those rooms up nicely for us to use the majority of the time instead of our RV. 

Why would I do that?  Well, you may remember we can only dump our RV tanks via a macerator and that, my friends, is a pain in the patooie.  As it stands, looks like the only tank we will have to empty with any frequency is our kitchen tank.  I can live with that.

Our washer, dryer and grill arrived the other day.  Yay!

Washer Dryer 10012014

They were here waiting for us!  Thank you, Tony!

The facility manager has already pretty much figured out how they will plumb and vent the washer and dryer.  They will tackle that next week.  Glad I did laundry yesterday, so we should be good until these get hooked up.  We so appreciate the company shipping these down for us.  Truly, we really appreciate them.  I told ya they are good folks.

Seeing the guys who work here again today and they being so welcoming and helpful was really nice.  One of them said good-naturedly, “Don’t ya’ll have anything else to do?”  Haha! 

Would you believe I have lost almost five pounds on this trip?  Guess that’s what happens when you got for about 27 hours without eating.  I’m actually okay with that.  I hope to get some cooking done tomorrow.

We have done two patrol rounds together this evening.  Dave has had a shower and has gone to bed over in the rig.  I’ve had my first cup of coffee since . . . gee, a week ago Wednesday.  Let me tell you, it was good!

I’ve already started a Walmart list, including a Wi-Fi extender for here in the office.  The signal keeps fading in an out, even though we’re in the same building as the router.  Haven’t tried the connection in the RV yet.  We have an extender in there we used in NJ and it worked great, so hopefully one in here will, too. 

My next patrol around the property is in about an hour.  Maggie is here in a chair with me, and she’ll go along for the ride, just like we used to do.  She has a ball and is such good company.

Okay, I have some things I can do to stay awake until 2 AM, when Dave will take over.  I’ll see if I can get this to post . . .

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