Sunday, October 12, 2014

Slowing Down Just a Bit

Today (well, Saturday, actually)  wasn’t quite as busy.  My major task was getting all our laundry (clothes) caught up.  Mission accomplished!  Whoot!

I actually had about an hour watching The West Wing this afternoon in between laundry loads while Dave was off on the bike.  That being said, sure seems like the days pass quickly. We’re on duty round-the-clock on weekends, so there are patrol rounds to be made periodically.  Getting up around 11 AM makes the daylight hours short; this will be even more so when we transition to regular time at the end of this month and when Winter arrives. 

Thanks, Wil, for the comments about the platform steps.  I ordered the steel one this evening.  That’s another item I can tick off my to-do list.

Turtle 10112014

“Intruder” spotted on afternoon patrol

Guess I’ll start bringing a sandwich or some sort of snack “to work” with me.  Tonight is the second time I’ve had this craving for a bacon cheeseburger at around 11 PM.  Haha!

Although we saw cloud lightning in the distance tonight, no rain or storms have made their way to us so far.  We have a chance of rain pretty much all through the week.  No complaints here, because some of that weather may bring cooler temperatures.  I’m ready.  It was in the mid to upper 80s here today.  Ugh.

Maggie on patrol 10112014

 Maggie watching the above turtle make its way across the parking lot

I feel more alert tonight, but so far here I have felt pretty jet-lagged.  I’ve been fairly busy with virtually no chill-out time, and I am still adjusting to life working night shift.  The climate is different, too, with much of the time a breeze and a feel to the air of “beach air.”  Now we all know what beach time can do . . . make one feel very relaxed and even wanting to nap.  Yep, that’s been me. 

Tomorrow I hope to cook a bit and have some movie time with Dave and Maggie . . . a nice sort of lazy Sunday afternoon in between patrol drives.

Hope you have a relaxed Sunday!

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  1. It does take it out of one working those night shifts. Did it 3.5 months last year - never again. Two months top. But lucky you, having Maggie to keep your company and share some of the chores.


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