Thursday, October 2, 2014

Coming Up on Night #2 . . .

. . . and I feel jet-lagged.  Being still a bit wired even after a shower when Dave came on duty this morning around 2 AM, I didn’t really fall asleep until 3:30 or so, awoke when Dave came in about 7 AM to snooze and then was up for good around 9 AM.

We spent the day settling in a bit more and becoming more oriented with our responsibilities here.  I did manage to cook some chicken this afternoon and then kick back and snooze a bit in my recliner afterwards.  The fact that it was in the upper 80s outside today also caused me to feel a bit draggy.  We’re expecting a cool front with rain tomorrow night with temperatures in a much nicer range starting Saturday.

Darlington setup 10022014

There is still much to do with our site . . . tidying it up a bit and making it “ours,” but all things in due time.  I’m focusing on the essentials right now . . . working, settin up the basics (our office and restroom/shower area), unpacking things in the RV (where am I going to set up our printers), resting and eating.

The suite and restroom/shower area we are using has not been utilized in a while, so there is a bit of cleaning to be done.  Not having had to deal with insects per se in NJ, we are now back in the land of ants and cockroaches (have only seen both those pests outside).  Since we are really only using our kitchen tank in the RV, we are experimenting with running off the fresh tank with our water pump and not leaving a water hose hooked up.  You know how ants love hoses; we saw some exploring the water hose already this morning.

Our washer is ready to be used and the dryer should be early next week.  We have a list of items for a Walmart run.  I want the bath area set up so we don’t have to cart toiletries back and forth every time we use the shower.  I am so not gonna do that.

We have our outdoor recliner chairs set up behind the rig.  They are under the portico of the building and it’s almost like a breezeway – very pleasant in the shade.  My office plants are undergoing some recuperative therapy there in the shade near the chairs.  They’ll need some “surgery” in the coming days, but I’m hopeful they will ultimately survive. 

Well, I’ve had a cup of java, made my first evening patrol and think it’s time to change shorts for jeans.

Life is guid!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I hope you can adjust well to your new job and hours and I hope you have some decent winter weather this year.


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