Monday, October 13, 2014

Apparently Monday is Errands Day

Working night shift, our day doesn’t really get cranked up until around noon.  We’re up and about before that, but there’s breakfast for us and Maggie, walking her, making beds . . . all those morning routine items to do.  Seems like it takes me longer to really wake up and shake off the grogginess here; I’m sure that’s because of the climate (heat and humidity).

We did venture out to Lowe’s for a couple more flashlights.  Dave borrowed my Lux-Pro LP470 the other day and liked it, so I got one for him and a couple of spares just in case one goes MIA.  That happens sometimes, ya know. 

Lowe’s and Walmart are essentially in the same area, so our second stop was the Big W.  One advantage is finding a variety of everything one might need for a week – specifically non-grocery items - but I do want to find a regular grocery store to check out meats and perhaps find different items that may not be stocked at Walmart, including ones from local/regional vendors.

So that is on my list of errands to run in the near future, plus getting to the bank to make a deposit and swinging by the propane place down the road to check them out.  Although winters here won’t be anywhere near as brutal as NJ, we will still need to have our tanks refilled at some point.  We will also investigate the feasibility/cost of getting a large tank here so we don’t have mess with having our 30-pounders refilled all the time.  That decision is still up in the air, depending on what we find out from a couple of propane vendors.

Dave has not slept well the past few nights and has gone to bed early this evening.  I hope he is visited with some solid sleep.  I don’t have that problem; my head hits the pillow around 3 AM and I’m pretty much out like a light until around 10 AM or so.  I’m sleeping more hours here for the most part.

We have much less responsibility here, but I sure seem to stay busier.  Guess it is still part of the settling in process.

Good news is there are provisions for the week, and I hope to get some cooking done tomorrow.

I confess . . . I am missing our spot in NJ, especially the weather.  True, winters are hard up there, but we had figured out how to deal with them, and – even through we’re in mid October - it is still more than bloody warm here for my liking.  I really feel better in cooler/cold weather.  I’m not fond of bugs of all kinds, and we have ‘em here.  Guess it gets so cold up North that bugs really aren’t an issue.  No, no bugs in the rig, but just around in general.  Ants.  Roaches.  Moths.  Crickets, for Pete’s sake.  Ugh.  Grateful they aren’t in the rig and that it will be cooler weather before long (hopefully).  We had humidity up there, but it was a different kind.  Seems a bit ickier here, actually.  Go figure.  Perhaps because it’s a warmer climate.  It’s a longer distance for groceries, etc., but not prohibitive; one just has to plan, and we seem to be doing okay with that so far.  There are a couple of local shops that have bread, milk and other staples.  One of them is General Dollar.  It’s a big store and does have those kinds of items.  At least our truck gets a bit of a run on the Interstate when going out. 

I miss mowing the grounds like we did in NJ.  My plants are suffering . . . brought them into the office here, but they were not doing well (there are no windows and the environment is rather humid; got 4 containers of Damp Rid for the office today) and so put them back outside.  ~~ sigh ~~ I know for sure at least one of them (actually my fave) will not thrive and it’s only a matter of time before . . . well, that’s unfortunate, because it has been such a beautiful plant.

Oh well, change is inevitable and we are grateful to have continuing employment with the security and contracting companies; don’t get me wrong on that.  It’s early days here yet, and I will adapt.  I just haven’t found my rhythm here yet.  The  skies are awesome, both night and day.  I enjoy my patrol rounds out at the back of the property around the ponds.  The cost of living is less here from what we have seen so far; again, food prices are much less than in NJ.  That’s a good thing, because we took a financial hit with this position, losing the extra paid activities (grounds maintenance, etc.) that we had in NJ.

I really can’t see us taking a holiday anytime in the foreseeable future.  Sure glad we made the most of our trips to Cape May. 

Crazy as it sounds . . . but . . . I think I’m feeling a bit homesick for New Jersey!  Hahaha!  Never would have thought that would happen.  Not so much missing the entire state of NJ, but our old situation and the job.  That tied with being office manager of the AA baseball club as all-time favorite jobs. 

Again . . .  oh well. 

On the plus side, our – all three of us – allergies are not nearly as bad here, at least so far.  It’s all a compromise.  Pluses and minuses.  Life, eh?

Sorry . . . I’m not really complaining and not throwing a pity party, but if I didn’t tell it like it is . . . well, that wouldn’t be truthful to myself. 

It’ll be fine here.  Gotta give it time.  I keep reminding myself that the winters here will be much easier on us and our RV.

I am also grateful for my virtual assistant job, so I think I’ll mosey on off and get to work on it.  The night is young!

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