Friday, October 3, 2014

Sleep Is A Good Thing

Hard to believe it’s after 8:30 PM already.  Today was another full day, but I have felt more rested.  Yes, I managed a good six hours of slumber from a bit before 3 AM until 9 AM.  Even when Dave came into the rig after his shift around 7 AM or so, I heard him but didn’t totally wake up.  Sweet. 

No naps for this gal today again.  Before I knew it, 11 AM rolled around and it was time for a teleconference meeting relating to my virtual assistant job.  I haven’t worked on that in a few weeks, what with it being slow and then, just as a new project came up, we were moving.  Now I have work waiting and hope to get started tonight.  Yay!

After that, I headed out to Walmart for a few things to set up our bath/shower rooms.  I had mapped the route and knew what street I was looking for off I-95 North.  Well . . . guess what?  The exit didn’t say the street name but was also Interstate 20 running East and West.  Not knowing that, I cruised right on by for about five miles until the signs for Savannah assured me I had gone too far.  Ha!  Now I know where the local Honda plant is.

Turned around, found Wallyword and wowsers!  It’s a huge one.  It’s the same one we shopped at four years ago, but I had forgotten how big it is.  Of course, it is laid out completely different from the one in NJ, so it took me a while to find what I was after.  Picked up a few groceries, too, just to keep us ahead of the game in meals. 

It was well after 3 PM by the time I got back here and then Dave took off for a wee bike ride.  Of course, it started raining shortly after he left.  Got something to eat and, well, here it is almost 9 PM already.  The days have been speeding by because I’ve just been goin’ and blowin’.

I’m hoping to catch up on some snooze time this weekend, get our bath/shower rooms set up, finish unpacking and arranging in our home (putting things back on the walls, etc.), catch up on paperwork and get in some virtual assistant time.

I forgot to mention that yesterday Maggie had her first play time with another dog since we’ve had her!  The previous guard has a dog named Scout (girl dog) and she came bounding up to us as I was walking Maggie.  Scout immediately went into the “let’s play crouch” that dogs do and Maggie responded accordingly.  It was so freakin’ cute!  I feel bad that Maggie doesn’t get to socialize with other dogs due to our solitary lifestyle, but so tickled Scout was such a friendly spirit and engaged Maggie.

I took the first patrol and Dave did the second.  Since it’s Friday night, he’ll go to bed a little later at around 10 PM.  I’ll do one round after he hits the hay and then he’ll have a round to do after he gets up at 2 AM.  Then it’s patrols round the clock over the weekend.

I’m just so pleased I don’t have to go anywhere for at least two days.  That should give me time to get some things done and to chill out a bit.  Haven’t really slowed down since we hit the road a week ago today.

The rain is supposed to be bringing cooler temperatures starting tomorrow, and that’s a welcome relief. 

Hey!  Who’s looking forward to the Harvest/Blood Moon and lunar eclipse coming up this week?

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  1. My plan is to chill this weekend also after the 2000 miles whirlwind tourist journey from MN to AZ. Maybe we can both take a breath and relax!


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