Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Laying Over in Dillon, SC


Even though this was a non-traveling day, seems like we kept busy.  I managed to get two loads of laundry done this morning, and that pretty much catches us up.  Dave got in a bike ride of around 30 miles; he remembers riding in this area four years ago, so it was a bit of a ride down memory lane for him on familiar roads. 

We originally planned to take the cargo out of the bed of the truck while here, but decided it made more sense to leave it in, reducing the amount of hassle and work to be done while here.  That would have been logical if we were spending three nights here, but not so much for the two we actually spending.  Long and short, Dave sat with the truck while I made a 1:04 hour breeze through Walmart this afternoon.  We’re stocked up with provisions for at least through the weekend.

That’s a good thing, because the first couple of days will be crazy/weird as we settle in at our site and acclimate ourselves to working night shift.

The one thing about this assignment I’m really not tickled about is the fact that we will only be able to dump our tanks using a macerator.  We did it for two months when we were at this site in 2010, and it was a bit of a hassle.  On a long-term basis . . . well . . . hopefully the restroom with shower in the guard building is such that I can clean and fix it up so we can utilize it quite a bit.  The guard building is right across from our RV site and quite convenient, actually.  As long as I can fix it up so we’re not carting toiletries and towels back and forth, I’ll be good with that.  Dave used the shower after his bike rides back in 2010 and, if I remember correctly, it was a decent-sized shower.  It really might be nice to have a larger shower.  Whoohoo!  Stay tuned for future developments.

Oh yeah, we splurged on a joint birthday gift and bought a Keurig!  It’s just like the one we had in the office in NJ.   We don’t drink much coffee – me one cup and Dave a couple – per day, but we’re both missing our java.  We decided a hot cup of coffee would be really nice during night shift, especially when the weather turns chilly.  It’s still in its box in the truck, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we christen it tomorrow evening.

We have both been rather tired the rest of the afternoon and this evening.  Dave has gone to bed to read and Maggie is snuggling with him.  It’s a bit too early for me to retire; if I crash this early, I’ll be up around 1 or 2 AM.  We did take some walks earlier after it cooled down a bit and sat outside for a few games of Yahtzee.

The park isn’t full this evening, but almost.  There’s everything here from a vintage (sooo cute!) Class C to big luxury Class A’s.

Tomorrow’s run is short, being just under 40 miles.  It will take us a while to position our RV, as it’s a back-in site and we want to get it well-positioned since we won’t be leaving for a while.

It will then take me a while to find everything that has been stowed inside.  Ha!   I’ll take the first watch from about 4:30 or 5 PM until about 2 AM.  I’ll need to do some major housecleaning after traveling, and I’m thinking this weekend will be time for that.  I’m not going to overdo things the first few days while settling into the new routine.  Rest, work and eat is about it.

Yep, we’re about to begin a totally different lifestyle . . . night owls.

The only Internet we have right now is via my phone hotspot, so I’ll turn it on and post this. 

OMG!  I’m getting NCIS on TV!  Make my day!

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  1. Not envying you the night shift. However, we do intend to GG again come February for two months only. Never again 3.5 months. Too old for that. Have a safe final leg to your journey.

  2. I think the most challenging adjustment for me would be reversing my sleeping habits. Good luck with that.


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