Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ready to Roll


We made a good call by waiting out the weather today, as it rained until late this afternoon.  Once it finally did stop, we got out and got busy.

The first thing we got out of the way was hitching up the truck and RV.  It had been a bit over a year since we had done that and I’m pleased to say it went very smoothly.  We have our system down pretty pat.  I am in the truck and Dave mans the RV landing gear controls and directing me to line up the truck and RV. 

Hitched Up 09252014

It started lightly raining again for a while after hitching up

Dave then got under the RV and disconnected our sewer line.  It was regular sewer hose for a few feet which connected to a PVC pipe for the remainder of the line.  This worked really well during our time here; we didn’t have to worry about the sewer hose becoming damaged or freezing during Winter.  While he was doing that, I disconnected our water line.  All that’s left in the morning in that regard is disconnecting from shore power. 

Funny . . . I used to suffer from severe “hitch itch” every now and then but it had not occurred in, oh, probably the last year.  I have been very content here.  Today, however, once hitched up . . . man, I am ready to cruise down the highway and see some new territory.  I do the towing, and I’m getting into that “hanging with the big dogs” (big semi rigs) groove.  It will be nice to drive through different states other than New Jersey.

I really don’t like driving in NJ.  It is claustrophobic.  You can’t see conveniences such as gas stations from the highway.  You really can’t see much from the highway at all due to the trees.  Trees are lovely and I appreciate them on many levels; however, I like to be able to see.  Especially when hauling a 40’ RV behind me!  “Can I get in there?”  “Can I get out of there??”  “Where is it?”  Then you see a sign after exiting that indicates your destination is 1.6 miles in that ======> direction.  Oh goody.

Maggie, of course, knows something’s up, especially with all our bustling around this afternoon.  She’s not worked up or anything, but she knows something’s in the air.  Took her for her usual evening extended walk and the three of us have been hanging out together like we do many evenings, just to maintain some normalcy for her.  She enjoys traveling and does quite well, so she’ll have fun over the coming days.

The facility electrician stopped by this afternoon, so we had the opportunity to say a proper “cheerio” to him.  He has never let us down when we have had emergent power issues and is a good guy.

One bit of good news is that the company is purchasing our generator.  Yay!  Although we advertised via various methods and had a bit of interest, it had not sold outright.  “Oh, my dad says we can use his, so we won’t be coming to look at it,” etc.  The company can definitely use it here on the property, so it’s a win/win situation for everyone.  It’s a great relief to not have this issue unresolved as we leave.

That’s about it for today.  Will be unwinding a bit more and then heading to the shower and blankies shortly.  There are still last minute tasks before we roll and then about 290 miles to travel before we land tomorrow.  We’re in no rush and will take our time in the morning getting out of here and on the road. 

Hey, we’re full-timers.  There’s no hurry.  Isn’t that grand?

Life is guid!

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