Monday, September 15, 2014

Counting Down . . .


Today began our last full calendar week here. 

Susan over at Travel Bug asked when we will be in South Carolina.  Susan, we will roll into the facility in Florence, SC, on October 1, and take over the duties that evening from the guard currently on site.  We’re leaving here on the 25th of September, allowing us leeway for bad weather, with the last few spent at Bass Lake Campground in Dillon, SC.  That’s just under 40 miles from the facility.  That’ll give us time for some R&R, laundry, gathering provisions, testing our macerator, etc.  We’ve stayed at Bass Lake before, so it should be a pleasant layover.

The company is shipping our washer and dryer with one of the trucks going to the SC facility; this could happen this week or next.  With that in mind (and since it was time to do laundry anyway), today was spent catching up the washing.  Not only our clothes, but linens and Maggie’s blankets, sweaters, etc.  I should get some advance notice of when the W/D will be leaving, but I’ll try to keep things caught up as much as possible from here on out with loads every couple of days.

While Dave mowed today, I also tackled loading some of our plastic bins back in the basement and a few other things to get us ready to get out of here, including some personal paperwork.  Oh yeah, well, there were a couple of business things to do, too.

My office is looking rather bare, having been pretty much stripped of “me” at this point.  I sure have enjoyed this job. 

That being said, I am now looking forward to a change in scenery, duties and lifestyle (night shift).  We both remember impressive night skies in South Carolina and lovely sunrises.  An open sky will be welcome after spending almost four years in a valley, virtually in a forest. 

I will, however, miss seeing Eagle soar overhead as I did earlier today, so close those white tail feathers  and white head were positively vibrant.

A Praying Mantis was hanging out on the office porch railing for five days, then taking its leave of us sometime this afternoon.  Every day, PM would catch some morning rays in the sunshine and then move into the shade of the porch awning in the warmer afternoons.  So cool to have PM watching, head turning, keeping track of me if I were on the porch.  Native American beliefs say Praying Mantis brings medicine of patience, peace and stillness; that’s such a gift right now as I hustle and bustle getting us ready to depart. 

Praying Mantis 2 09112014

There was apparently quite a bit of praying going on, and I’m okay with that, too.

It’s been a busy day, so I’ll say good-night.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wow, I'm happy for you to be spending some time in the south. Bye-bye harsh Northern winters!

    I, too, am a night owl. When we were gate guards, I was on the 4 p.m to 4 a.m. shift. Suited me just fine.


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