Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Weather Delay


I took the opportunity the other day to snap some (more) photos of the site here.  It was quite a cloudy day, even a bit overcast. 

WG3 09222014

Entrance to the property as seen from the street.  The hedge around the sign was totally disheveled when we arrived in 2011.  Dave got it under control and keeps it lookin’ good.

WG4 09222014

Driveway into the property.  There’s a gate down there that we open and close daily.

There is a coastal storm heading this way, expected to impact us starting tonight.  If it were closer to Winter, one might even call it a Nor’easter.  We were scheduled to leave tomorrow; however, with about 1” of rain expected here and heavy rain and a bit of wind along our projected route, we have delayed departure a day.  The forecast for Friday and on out from there looks really nice.

After calling the campgrounds and changing our reservation dates, I got chicken tetrazzini into the slow cooker and will make a batch of kolaches later.  Road food!  With everything done except last minute tasks, Dave is taking the opportunity to get in another bike ride.  Maggie had a pre-trip clip a while ago and is looking even cuter than usual.

WG6 09222014

  Taken from just inside the gate.

Yesterday was crazy-busy.  Our boss came out and took us to lunch, and it was a totally fun outing.  The weather was quite pleasant, so we dined outside.  What we really enjoyed was the fellowship with him.  That was a very special gesture and we are honored.  Our washer and dryer went off on a company truck down to one of the yards, where it will be boxed and prepared to go on another truck down to the facility in South Carolina. 

WG14 09222014

We have had a lovely park-like setting here, although it has come with its trials of living next to a river and the curve balls Mother Nature has tossed our way in the form of hurricanes, Nor’easters, blizzards, Superstorm Sandy and the like.

Today is an unexpected, but welcome, gift.  Rather than bustling around hitching up the rig, disconnecting sewer and water and preparing to roll out tomorrow, we are left with a mostly do-what-you-want day.  Tonight and the first half of tomorrow will see us hunkered down in the storm that passes through.  After it’s gone tomorrow, we’ll take care of those remaining items on our pre-departure list.

WG10 09222014

Our RV is to the right, with the office trailer to the left.  That stack is from the mill, which is an old paper mill.  The Musconetcong River runs between the parking lot where our RV is parked and the mill.

Blindsided at first by the idea of leaving and transferring to South Carolina (we knew we would leave here someday; we just didn’t expect it at this time), we are now looking forward to the change.  We rearranged the basement storage of our RV and have items stowed securely in the truck, and I am even looking forward to the journey itself.  It’s been two years since we’ve traveled with the rig, and I’m thinking it will be fun to be out on the road again.  We’ll have drastically different duties in SC and not be nearly as busy with work, but that may be okay, too, really.  Well . . . I will miss running an office and hopefully at some point in the future we’ll have another situation with a variety like this one.  In the meantime, I’m sure I’ll adapt and find other things to do.  Knit, work as a virtual assistant, write, perhaps get involved with a local CERT organization, do more photography, garden a bit, drum . . . yep, I’ll find something, I bet!

It’s time to check on dinner, so I’ll say cheerio for today!

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