Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Truck Serviced Today



2008 Ford F350 – Love this truck

Took our Ford F350 to Milham Ford over in Easton, PA after work today for 50k service, including oil change and tire rotation.  They also do a check of all systems, batteries, etc. at servicing.  Everything checked out okay!  I received several compliments on the truck (a common occurrence when out somewhere, even the grocery store), and the service manager said, “You must not touch the brakes,” meaning that they were in excellent condition, especially considering that the truck is a 2008 towing an RV.

I am so glad that is done and dusted and that there were no issues that cropped up.  It took two hours, but that is time well spent to be good for the road.

That is my last major errand.  I have a hair appointment next week and the week after I’ll take a last run to Maggie’s vet for her records, meds and food. 

That being said, I still have a lot to do, but at least it is at-home stuff.  What a relief!

Tomorrow our 5th wheel gets new “feet,” with the tire company coming out sometime in the morning to put on four new G-rated tires.  They will call beforehand, giving us time to put in the slides.  Yay!  New feet for the rig! 

I’m actually starting to look forward to the trip.  We’ll spend two nights in Virginia and then land at Bass Lake Campground in Dillon, SC for four nights.


November 2010 – Bass Lake Campground

We spent a good part of November 2010 at Bass Lake and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.  It is owned and managed by a lovely couple from England; they had recently acquired the park when we were there in 2010.  The residents were comprised of overnighters (it’s located right on I-95), short-timers (like us), those staying the winter months and long-timers.  At that time, it was a friendly bunch and felt very much like a neighborhood.  Made some long-term friends there; unfortunately, they won’t be arriving until November and we’ll be gone already.  That photo seems like eons ago . . .

I planned an extended layover at Bass Lake for us to do laundry, stock up on groceries, test our macerator (which we’ll need at the work site) and order a new one if necessary and . . . rest.  Our new work location is less than 40 miles from Bass Lake, so I’m thinking we’ll take a drive down to the facility just to say howdy before heading there on October 1 to start work.

Well, I’m outta here for now.  Will be busy in the morning . . .

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  1. A little R&R between jobs is good for the soul and body. Looking forward to reading about your new adventure.


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