Monday, September 8, 2014

Making Headway



We are in a balloon flight path here in NJ

Goodness, last week was a busy one!  Just about everything on my “to do” list has been either accomplished or the process set in motion.  I’ll be taking our truck to the Ford dealership in a nearby town tomorrow afternoon for its 50k servicing and routine systems check-up.  The tire company will be here Wednesday to put new “feet” on our RV.  Next week I’ll have one final hair cut with my stylist.  I’ll get Maggie’s medical records from her vet, refill her meds and stock up her food when we are closer to our departure date.  After this Wednesday, all the major items will be done, so I can work on getting us and our rig roadworthy (culling more things, rearranging/packing the basement, etc.) and not running around so much.  This should give me some time to rest up and chill out a bit before getting back on the road.  The last time we pulled the rig out of here was June 2012, when we attended the Montana Northeast Regional Rally in Lancaster, PA.

Schofield Electric van 09052014

The facility electrician moved his scissor lift out of the way so I will have room to maneuver our rig in the parking lot when it’s time to leave.

A local girlfriend came over Friday evening and we had a delightful girlie yap by our campfire.  She brought a few pieces of wood and Dave had split some for us.  Saturday was oppressively hot and humid and the evening was a washout with thunderstorms, but we enjoyed some relaxing fire time last night.  We aren’t sure if we can have campfires in the new location, which is a good excuse (like we need one) to fit in as many as possible here before we leave.  The property here is almost like camping in a campground or state park (well, if you sit with your back to the mill . . .), making for lovely evenings around a fire.

August 9 evening

August 2014 - Evening with my back not to the mill, but still a decent view, eh?

I met Alan when he delivered the CERT trailer here for the drill this year.  He mentioned he and his wife, Jody, are dreaming and planning for the full-time lifestyle in a few years, and that they would like to come by sometime and visit about full-timing.  Ran into him again when at the police station turning in my CERT gear; he mentioned this again and I told him they had better come by soon because we are leaving.  Saturday afternoon they spent about two hours here with us, touring our Montana and then visiting.  Whew!  Feel like I had my brain sucked!  Hahaha!  Jody and Alan, if you’re reading this, it truly was a pleasure and I hope I helped.  Looking forward to keeping in touch and hooking up with you on the road in the future.

We have decided to sell our generator, as the power situation in South Carolina is stable.  One cannot use the word “stable” by any stretch of the imagination regarding the power supply here, even discounting natural disasters.  Contacted a few folks today and have some interest, so we’ll see.

I have already cleared out and tossed out a lot of stuff from the office and our RV, and I’ll make another pass through it again.  We added extreme cold-weather clothes and jackets being up here because they were needed.  Some of those items (like my Carthartt overalls) are not inexpensive and I’ll be keeping them.  Although winters won’t be as brutal in South Carolina, we will be working at night and out in the elements.

At any rate, I keep thinking “we’ve got too much stuff!!”  I’m glad we’re replacing our E-rated tires with G-rated ones this week.  Ha!

Okay, that’s it for me this evening.  I am a bit weary, so think I’ll just have some chill-out time before toddling off to bed.

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  1. One of the best things we've done - upgraded to G. Sure, you remember our trials with those others.......


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